MLB 2023 Weekly Preview - Week 6

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Major League Baseball fans have already been treated to some real great games so far this season, and there are some teams that have emerged as notable contenders in the early stages.

Although there is still a ton of time left in what is a 182-game season, players will feel like they have gotten their fair share of innings in already, and there is no stopping anytime soon.

This year looks to be even more magnified when considering the drama surrounding injuries during the WBC as well as rivalries between divisions.

The throne is currently still retained by the Astros, but there are two teams that sit atop of the MLB in the current regular season.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Pittsburgh Pirates are sitting pretty at the top of the American and National Leagues, respectively.

There seems to be no quit between these two teams at the moment, and they will face up in our highlight match of this week.

Hot starts could be argued, but both these teams just won’t go down without a fight right now.

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Pittsburgh Pirates versus Tampa Bay Rays - Wednesday, May 3rd

The Pittsburgh Pirates are one of the two teams making headlines in the MLB for how consistent they have been playing over the first month or two of the regular season.

A team that was always considered bottom of the barrel by most fans for the past decade now has a competent team with a bunch of offense that no one saw coming.

Bryan Reynolds is the lead man in an offense of many able hitters, but their pitching has also delivered in a big way through pressure this season.

Beating teams like the Dodgers and Padres isn’t easy, and they have emphasized that they are here to stay.

We’ll have to see what they continue to do throughout the rest of this long regular season, but it should be interesting to say the least.

Tampa Bay once again finds themselves in a great regular season spot after winning the AL East just two years ago.

The Rays have a balanced attack of both pitching and offense, with either one picking the other one up when the time comes.

There is clearly nothing to be sure about in this series, when both teams are this hot, it becomes who makes the least mistakes.

The Rays will feel like they have an edge, but we’ll have to wait and find out.

Prediction - Pittsburgh Pirates moneyline and the over on total runs.

Los Angeles Angels versus Texas Rangers - Friday, May 5th

The LA Angels and Texas Rangers meet up for a heated battle between two squads with momentum in the AL West.

Divisional baseball is always fun and these two teams have had a long history with one another.

Shohei Ohtani versus Jacob DeGrom will be the highlight game of the series, and as long as both pitchers are able to stay healthy and ready, we could be treated to one of the best matchups in baseball.

Both of these teams have been winning handily, although the Rangers just a bit more.

Prediction - LA Angels moneyline.