NBA 2023 Playoffs Preview: Eastern and Western Conference Semi Finals Week 2

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The NBA playoffs are tightening up and we are seeing a bunch of teams lay the wood into the action.

All of these series have had insane swings, and we will be looking at another week of things to decide who is the winner that will be moving onto the next round, and it will be tough to see any of these teams go home at this point of the season.

There will be no doubt for whoever makes the next round, and their abilities to win it all.

With only eight teams left, the effort will be at an all-time high to secure a berth into the semi-finals of the NBA playoffs, and a potential Conference crown to help out in the process.

Seeing games through has been a constant theme of the NBA Playoffs in the first few games of these series, and without knowing how the rest will pan out, there will be even more blood and tears expended.

Coaches are now starting to play their starters for a full forty-plus minutes, which will be interesting to see coming down to the wire in these last few games.

Let’s analyze some of the best NBA Playoffs matchups this week on’s sportsbook!

Match Betting Previews

Phoenix Suns versus Denver Nuggets @ Denver - Series Tied 2-2 - May 9th

The Phoenix Suns are buzzing after evening the series at two games a piece in their home court the past weekend.

Their play was largely flowing through both Kevin Durant and Devin Booker, without their point guard in Chris Paul.

Because of this, the ability for both of these stars has been put under major question.

There has been no fight-back from them, though, and they have delivered on nearly every single occasion so far.

Besides game two, Kevin Durant isn’t missing, and Devin Booker is having an absolutely historical playoff.

This Suns team is running on pure hope and talent at the moment, which isn’t necessarily bad.

However, their defence needs a ton of work and making adjustments, especially in game five at Denver, will be severely important.

The Denver Nuggets are going to be heading back to their altitude home after blowing two games which they feel like could’ve closed the series up.

Now having to fight in a dog battle between two of the hottest shooters the game has ever seen, Nikola Jokic will need to dig even deeper for a gracious effort and possible WCF berth.

His 52-point game on Sunday was one of the many spectacles the MVP runner up was exhibiting this season, and he will look to carry them until he can’t anymore.

Prediction - Denver ML and the over points.

Philadelphia 76ers versus Boston Celtics @ Boston - Series Tied 2-2 - May 9th

Philadelphia and Boston have been throwing haymakers at one another with no remorse or respect.

These two teams encompass a sporting rivalry that has gone on for ages, and there is no shortage of drama in this series.

Boston, like Denver, had opportunities to take control of the series but it now turns into another twister, heading back to Boston.

Joel Embiid is not 100% by any means, but he is making it tough on the Celtics along with his all-star pal, James Harden.

There will be enough chances in this game for Philly, but Boston will defend their home court with everything possible.

Prediction - Celtics spread and under on total points.