NBA 2023 The Finals: Game 5 Preview

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We have a true barn burner here in the NBA with Game 5, possibly the last game of the NBA finals here in Denver, Colorado.

The Nuggets are looking to fan the flames of the heat and make this the last game played in this series, as well as ending the finals in their building which is a huge pleasure to take on.

There is still work that needs to be done, and the Heat are familiar with facing situations such as these in the 2023 playoffs.

Specifically with the way they are able to facilitate and frustrate teams, the Nuggets have done extremely well to tune it out all the underdog noise that came from the Eastern Conference Champions and are doing a firm job as the #1 seed in the whole NBA.

One more game is all that is needed to secure the biggest sports Championship for the Nuggets, and they are so very close to doing so.

Let’s get into the game five preview here on!

Miami Heat @ Denver Nuggets - Game 5 - June 12th (3-1 Denver Nuggets)

One more Game. – Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets are just one win away from closing in on an NBA Championship, and the first for the organization.

They have been close a couple of times, but this team is seriously different from past iterations.

Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray have played surreal in these playoffs, but the rest of the team has done an exceptional job of covering up any holes when they are not at their best.

Players like Bruce Brown and Aaron Gordon have had immense impact in multiple games of this series, and they will likely be targeted by multiple teams in the offseason who are trying to bolster their squads.

Nonetheless, the Nuggets will be focused on the task at hand and realize that they are in prime position to close the Finals out and bring one home for the city of Denver.

A city that has been recently spoiled with Broncos, Avalanche, and now possibly Nuggets Championships, things just keep getting better.

They will be the firm favourite in Game 5 and look to truly cement their place in the basketball history books.

All or Nothing for the Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are in a truly disastrous position after losing both games on their home court, something that was not supposed to happen.

Miami fans and Panthers fans are both currently down 1-3 in their respective series, begging for another historical comeback to happen.

Jimmy Butler’s team has had difficulty in controlling the games because of how easy Denver is able to generate offense.

When the Heat score, it is significantly harder, and it shows with how the players react and the scoreboard.

They need something truly special to pull out a game five win, which would kickstart their path back into this series.

Can it happen? Absolutely.

Will it though? Probably not.

Prediction: Denver Nuggets -8.5 and the total over on points scored!