NBA Weekly Preview: Week 5

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The National Basketball Association is flying by, and we are now at week five of the regular season!

A ton of new storylines have developed in such a short time, and the league is gaining more traction than ever.

Clearly, the NBA is in a huge parity stage, where a ton of teams are able to beat one another on a given night.

Having said that, although, there are teams that stand out above the rest making the first few weeks important for the rest of the way.

Playoff implications are not something to worry about all too much yet, but there is going to be a severe need to make a push by the end of this month.

Time is running out for teams to try line-ups and gel for bigger moments, and the season is now in full gear.

This week’s matches have a ton of potential, and we are going to see the hungry clubs try to win some games.

Both coaches and players have reasons to succeed now in November and the training wheels are starting to be broken off. has your NBA urges covered, and will be offering the best promotions and parlays, all season long!

Match Betting Previews

Dallas Mavericks versus Los Angeles Clippers - Tuesday, November 15th

A lot is going right for MVP Candidate Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

One of the more chemistry-filled rosters in the league, the Mavericks have a clear superstar leading his team to the promised land in any way he can.

There is a clear goal and perspective that Mark Cuban has set into the squad, and that all stems down from their leader, Luka Doncic.

Dallas is considered one of the favourites to come out of the Western Conference this year, and their path to greatness will have multiple obstacles along the way.

One of the best shot-creators and assisters of the basketball we have ever seen, there is not much that Luka lacks.

His play on the court and how healthy he can remain will be key to the success of the Mavs.

Efficiency is starting to increase which can only mean good things soon.

The LA Clippers are in a very tough state at the moment, a lot of it due to the impact of Kawhi Leonard’s uncertainty to return to the team.

Los Angeles doesn’t feel like a cohesive unit in any aspects, and their supposed leader is sitting back watching from the trenches.

There is a lot to be expected from a group of role players and Paul George, but the results don’t seem too likely in their favour in 2022-2023.

Look for Tyron Lue’s men to put up a good fight versus the Mavs.

Prediction - Dallas Mavericks to win this game by a landslide, on the money line and spread as well.

Phoenix Suns versus Golden State Warriors - Wednesday, November 16th

The Western Conference matchup of many people’s dreams will hopefully deliver to expectations this Wednesday.

Devin Booker’s Suns are currently playing like one of the favourites for the NBA Finals trophy.

There is a ton of depth embedded within the Phoenix roster and the buy-in from the players is similar to the past two years.

Oppositely, Golden State looks like a team in need of a major change.

Whether it’s in the personnel or playing system, GSW looks like a shell of themselves from last postseason.

Stephen Curry, however, hasn’t missed a single beat in the process.

Prediction - GS Warriors to surprise the masses and pull an upset win in this early potential playoff matchup.