NBA Weekly Preview: Week 6

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The National Basketball Association is set to go for another amazing week here towards the end of November.

A season that has revealed a ton of uncertainties and grave opportunities for all thirty-two teams, reflects a still unknown sense of how the rest of the way will unfold.

There have been ten to twelve games played for each team and we still are scratching our heads to figure out the men from the boys.

Championship calibre teams are not necessarily locked in, and the consistency of nearly all teams at this point in time is still to be questioned.

A lot of the talent the league is putting out is starting to get matched by teamplay and even lesser-known players.

It is a great time to be in the NBA, with a ton of chances for players to make a name for themselves on any given night.

Now more than ever, if a team can place as a cohesive product, there will be a win waiting in the wings for them. has got you covered with the best NBA odds and promotions this week and all season long, so bet on our sportsbook now!

Match Betting Previews

Cleveland Cavaliers versus Atlanta Hawks - Monday, November 21st

After a fast start and unprecedented level of chemistry to start off their season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are slowly starting to cool down.

Although their record is still one of the best in the league and Eastern Conference, the Cavs rattled off seven straight wins in the first few weeks of the campaign.

Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland are a duo that the NBA did not want to see form and their damage combined on the offensive end is a nightmare matchup for several teams.

Defensively, they have role players who know how to play the fundamentals and as a result, their efficiency on both ends has increased from last season.

Cleveland will welcome in a streaky Atlanta team this Monday.

Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks are more than capable of causing havoc in the NBA, and we saw such a feat two years ago in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Just like the Cavaliers, the back court duo of Trae Young and Dejounte Murray is really causing problems for the East, and with how young their stars are, look to be in good hands for the future.

A boatload of talent not only in the back court but also in the front, the Hawks could be a dangerous team as the season progresses.

Look for them to rise up to the challenge and prove to some of the sleepers that they are here and ready.

Prediction - ATL Hawks on the money line and Trae Young to score over 25.5 points on the player prop combo!

Memphis Grizzlies versus New Orleans Pelicans - Friday, November 25th

The Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Pelicans are two of the Western Conference’s brightest squads.

Their talent and trust in the core of the roster revolves around some young individuals that can take their teams to the promised land with so many years to play.

Ja Morant and Zion Williamson are two of the game’s brightest talents, respectively.

Both can play at an MVP level, although we are yet to see what Zion can do on the playoffs stage.

Memphis will take this matchup to heart as they are close to the NOLA both geographically and in terms of talent.

Upgraded squads with a lot to prove this year, this will be a dog fight between two great teams.

Prediction - NOP to cover the Asian handicap / spread and pull off a surprise dub in Memphis.