NHL 2023 Stanley Cup Preview: Game 1

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This year’s NHL Stanley Cup will take place between the Vegas Golden Knights and the Florida Panthers.

Both teams who have done the impossible in their respective conferences, are deserving of an opportunity to truly put their franchises into the next stratosphere of hockey elite.

Having to absorb some of the biggest blows from the best teams in their conferences, these teams have seen it all before getting here in the first place.

Throughout its long history, the Stanley Cup Final has produced numerous memorable moments, intense rivalries, and legendary performances.

It is a time when the entire hockey community, as well as fans worldwide, comes together to witness the pinnacle of NHL competition and celebrate the sport of ice hockey.

As time goes on this series will be looked at as one of the best in history, but for now we will get to see who makes the extra push to grab their first Stanley Cup.

Let’s analyze the matchup here on Stake.com !

Keep Counting us Out - Florida Panthers

Matthew Tkachuk and Sergei Bobrovsky have been the breakout stars of these NHL playoffs, and it’s hard to not love what they’re doing down in South Florida.

This Panthers team has been labelled as the underdog in every single series they have partaken in, and their road to get here has been arguably one of the toughest in history.

Coming back down from 1-3 against the Boston Bruins was one of the biggest upsets in all of sports history, and they have continued with that momentum into the next part of their journey.

Beating the Leafs and the Hurricanes in the process, they are as battle-tested as you could be going into a NHL Stanley Cup final.

These men are playing the best hockey they’ve ever played, and at the right time too.

They will look to dump the puck in deep and try to make plays with a dynamic offense that includes one of the best shooters in the defenseman rankings this season, Brandon Montour.

Defense Wins Championships - Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are looking like the Stanley Cup finalists of a few years ago, and they are playing with full confidence after knocking off the Dallas Stars in the semi finals.

Jack Eichel’s squad is one of the most consistent in the league, and they play with so much intensity and tenacity.

Every time the puck is in their possession, there is something that will be happening on the ice, and there are hardly any wasted opportunities from the VGK.

Defensively, they are possibly one of the best in the league and are limiting teams to a few goals a game with Adin Hill at the back making up for any mistakes in the front.

There is clearly an aura around this VGK team that seems like it might be their year, but so to so on the other side of the ice.

Prediction - VGK Wins game one at home on Stake.com’s sportsbook!