NHL 2023 Stanley Cup Preview: Game 5

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One game away are the Vegas Golden Knights from clinching their first ever NHL Stanley Cup.

A team full of selfless individuals and playmakers who have ran up and down these playoffs are just a step away from achieving full glory.

VGK has been blessed with tons of great plays from up and down the roster and their ability to control the paint has been massive.

Neutral zone, defensive zone, and most of all the offensive zone has been a battle for the Panthers and they are truly asleep at the wheel heading into game five.

These NHL Playoffs are really becoming a household production in all of sports and there is reason to believe that the great sport of hockey will become a bigger and bigger name in the near future.

This might be the last game of the 2022-2023 NHL Season so take it in with the best vibes!

Let’s get into the game preview of game five in Vegas on Stake.com!

Red Alert for the whole Panthers Team

The Florida Panthers are about to go down to the jailzone that the Golden Knights have left for all their opponents this playoffs.

Not being able to figure things out in game four really has hurt their chances at winning this series, and some would say that it is rather almost impossible to come back from such a hurdle.

They have been doing exactly just that all playoffs, though.

Starting off with a 1-3 series comeback against the best team in the NHL, they know no quit in their system.

Having said this, the Panthers need to play much better in all aspects of the hockey game in order to finally do some damage.

They have not been focused on all three areas, and their lack of any discipline has hurt them severely.

Matthew Tkachuk and Brandon Montour will look to try and extend this series, although highly unlikely at this stage.

Doing it at Home – Vegas Golden Knights

VGK is looking great after crushing all hopes in game four, but the job is still at hand.

A game five loss could severely hurt their chances at winning the Chip, and they need to be wary about what’s happened with other squads against this Panthers team.

Adin Hill has been creeping up the Con Smythe rankings with his play, and his offensive partners are doing massive damage in their opportunities.

There is no answer for the well-oiled machine that is the Vegas Golden Knights, with everything in their hands ready to be launched.

This could be a significant win in Vegas Sporting History and there is a high probability it happens this Tuesday!

Prediction - Bet on the VGK -1.5 and over on total goals they look to secure their first Chip on Stake.com’s sportsbook.