NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 11

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NHL play has gone for ten weeks of the season, meaning there are twelve match-weeks until the coveted postseason starts!

Nearly halfway through it all, NHL teams are becoming more aware of their current situations.

Whether that’s a bottom barrel team with hopes looking damp, or a true contender in the mix of the top teams.

Managers of different organizations will start to receive and review the outlook on the start of 2023 and onwards, meaning some huge decisions need to be made.

With the trade deadline looming, there is going to be a true look into what the chances are for bigger progression this season for many clubs.

The NHL has always welcomed talent in all forms, and the draft has produced some household names in the past.

Week 11 marks one week before the Christmas mark, and teams will be eager to get off into their short holiday with a great victory.

Form and momentum are just about the most important things in the NHL, although their season isn’t the longest in the world, they have a ton of momentum swinging weeks.

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Carolina Hurricanes versus New Jersey Devils - Tuesday, December 20th

The Carolina Hurricanes are back in the top half of the Eastern Conference standings and will be looking to emphasize their weight within the league with a marquee matchup against the New Jersey Devils this Tuesday.

Hurricanes fans have enjoyed a largely productive December in which the team has risen up to the occasion, making the right plays on both the offensive and defensive end of the ice.

Goalie play has been largely pivotal, as their all-star has become a staple in the highlights for his defensive saves.

There is a ton of pressure with their offensive sets, that usually place opponents in tough spots.

Carolina will be taking a ton of confidence into the second half of the season, especially if they can nag a win here against one of the league’s best.

NJ is on fire, and the Devils are looking poised to head to the playoffs for the first time in a few years.

The game plan behind the devils has always been from the back, pushing the puck forwards and making key passes to get the best shot in front of goal.

Trumping nearly all the opponents in their path, the Devils find a worthy one this Tuesday.

Expect them to set up a plan surrounding the middle of the ice, and how they can possibly win this game through controlling it.

The Devils have more than enough firepower on offense but must make sure their defensive strategy is set in effect.

Betting Prediction - NJ Devils -1.5 puck line and over on Asian total for goals.

Vegas Golden Knights versus St. Louis Blues - Friday, December 23rd

Western Conference royalty goes head-to-head this Friday when the Vegas Golden Knights host the St. Louis Blues.

Vegas has been in large part back to their 2020-2021 form this year.

A dominant force in all aspects of hockey, VGK were title contenders and narrowly missed out on a well-deserved Stanley Cup.

Unlucky timings, VGK now find themselves ready to repeat what they were missing out on.

This regular season has encapsulated their ability to score goals in bunches.

On the other hand, St. Louis is just now starting to get on the track of things.

Although their game plan isn’t scoring the most goals in the competition, they have finally cleaned up some of the glaring mistakes in their early season game.

Prediction - VGK 1x2 and the under on total Asian goals!