NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 5 Preview - Colorado Avalanche vs Tampa Bay Lightning

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The Stanley Cup Finals have been exhilarating to say the least and the sporting world has finally seen the light on how great of a sport hockey is.

We are down to the final stages of the series and these last three games (if needed) could be legendary!

Game 5 figures to be an all-out war as we see Colorado on the verge of making history with a three games to one lead.

Series play so far has reflected a stark emphasis on creating goal opportunities and making the defenses misread situations.

Neutrals will be rooting for this series to go to seven games as the drama has been filled up all the way through up to this point.

The rest of the teams eliminated are watching this with eager eyes and looking to see what comes from such a hectic season.

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The Colorado Avalanche are so close to winning their first Stanley Cup and with that comes great caution and responsibility.

They have figured out how to break down the Lightning both defensively and offensively, resulting in a three to one series lead at the moment.

McKinnon and company are playing some of the best hockey ever and there is still time to cement their legacies even further with a dominant Game 5 win.

Clinching this series is easier said than done however. There are so many obstacles that come to mind when talking about the Tampa Bay Lightning and that can come into play in the closing Game 5.

Avalanche fans know that their team needs to stay the course and play like they are the ones down two games.

The home crowd will be rumbling and willing their team to the finish line and the players will gain some extra edge due to their belief!

The best team of the regular season has the opportunity to do what they have wanted to do for the whole year, win a Championship.

Tampa Bay are in a bad spot after dropping a very winnable game four in their home palace.

Goalkeeper Vasilevsky feels like his team still has enough in the tank but executing the plans is becoming harder and harder for the position players.

On the defensive side of the ice the Lightning are compact and letting through way too many shots on their goalie.

This adds pressure to the team as a whole and can force mistakes out of Vasilevsky.

The back to back winners of the Stanley Cup have the experience and knowledge to dig themselves out of this hole. Can they do it?


The Colorado Avalanche close it out in game five, and win the Stanley Cup at the dome!