Sergio Agüero: Predictions on Premier League & Copa America 2024 - Exclusive Interview

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It’s the final month of the football season , and with so much still on the line, as well as the Copa America on the horizon, we thought there was no better time to catch up with our Global Football Ambassador to hear his thoughts on how things will play out this Premier League season. We spoke about Manchester City, that famous game against QPR on the final day on the 2011/12 season, Barcelona, Real Madrid and plenty more.

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Manchester City

Erling Haaland has now moved into Man City’s top 15 greatest goal scorers of all time. You are currently ranked at number one. Do you see Erling being consistent and staying at Manchester City long enough to overtake your record?

Erling is a natural born scorer. He showed that last season breaking all sorts of Premier League records. He's top scorer this season so far, if further proof was needed. I'm sure he'll continue down this path, the consistency he's shown throughout his career should tell you that much. I hope he keeps scoring for City because that means the club will get much closer to many great achievements.

You made yourself the hero on the final day of 2012. In the build up to the game, did you dream about scoring the last minute winner?

Not at all, hadn't imagined anything like that. I simply happened. I wasn't even playing well during that match, nothing worked out for me. I guess fate wanted my turn to come in the most epic way possible.

Going into the final day of the season in 2012, what was the atmosphere around the training ground?

The night before the match, the air felt different. Maybe it was the responsibility that we carried on our shoulders, knowing we were on step away from cinching the first trophy in 44 years... that must have worked on our nerves. It was unlike anything we had gone through before. The match played out as it did, minutes flew past, and we couldn't get the result we wanted. It felt like we were chained to the ground – we couldn't play the way we wanted, but we never stopped trying. We fought until the end – you could see it, and it's since then it's become a hallmark of the team. And finally, finally, we were able to break through.

Manchester City have won the Premier League on the final day twice in recent history. Do you think this experience will get them over the line this season?

It's not just up to us. Last few seasons had very tightly contested final stretches. Liverpool and Arsenal had been very consistent and that pushed the deciding match down to the last round. It won't be different this time.

You revealed Frank Lampard tried to get Chelsea to sign you before City, are there any players you tried to get Manchester City to sign after playing against them?

I never had a say in those topics. I had my role quite clear. Management has always made good moves in transfers. The quality of the signings past, present and future of Man City, should be enough evidence.

Reports suggest Pep Guardiola will walk away from his current deal in 2025. Are you concerned by these reports or do you think he will stay at Man City?

I don't know anything about that – never heard as much, and don't know what kind of sources released them. I hope Pep stays for long at City. It's clear that Pep provides a lot to the team, and he's elevated their game. They've been growing as an international contender too. His stay has lasted for many years now, for much longer than other clubs he's been at. Who's to say he won't stay a few years more?

If he were to leave, who do you think would be the best possible replacement?

I don't even think about the matter. Don't see the point of it.

There are reports that Pep Guardiola is still disappointed that Ilkay Gundogan left Manchester City, could you see him going back?

I think that Ilkay played a major part for City. He's got the right to choose his own path, he deserves as much. I see him doing great things at Barcelona, so I doubt he'd reverse his decision.

Barcelona & La Liga

Xavi has changed his mind and will be staying at Barcelona next season. Do you think that is the right move for the club?

Xavi's DNA is 100% Barca, as I've said before. I'm glad his ultimate decision was to stay in the club. During his first season, he won La Liga and while this season wasn't the same type of showing -- he's set the foundation for a great team with very high-potential young players. Yamal, Cubarsi, Balde, Fermin, Gavi, Pedri... why not have high hopes for the future?

Lamine Yamal’s release clause is looking to be increased by Barcelona. How much would you value him in today’s market?

As young as he is, and with that level of potential... Yamal must be one of the highest valued rookies out there. He's played an amazing Champions league at 16 years of age, turning out to be one of the stars of the team. I think he'll keep on growing, and he'll become more and more important for Barca.

Darwin Nunez has been rumoured to be joining Barcelona this summer after he deleted all images of Liverpool on his Instagram. Do you think that would be a good move for Nunez?

Never heard such rumours. Darwin is a great scorer, he's adapted to the Premier League. If he stays in Liverpool, he'll rack up a very impressive tally, I'm sure. I can't predict the future... but he's a quality player, any club would want him on their frontlines.

What are your opinions on Real Sociedad midfielder Martin Zubimendi? He has been linked with Barcelona, but also moves to Premier League sides

I haven't seen him play as much, but I've heard good things. It's hard to see what the summer transfer window has in store for us.

Do you see Kylian Mbappe as a striker? If he can’t play in the middle as well as he does on the wing, where does he fit in Real Madrid’s XI?

Now that he's announced that he'd leave PSG, everything seems to point towards him joining Real Madrid. He'll undoubtedly be a major addition that will make Madrid even stronger. Now, as for where he'll fit... I've always thought a great player can adapt to different formations and strategies. I'm sure his manager will employ him where he'll perform best.

Vinicius Jr has won so much and had so many big moments at the age of 23 years old, could he retire as a better player than Neymar?

It's too early to tell. Ney has achieved many great things and beyond his injuries, he's still active. Vinicius is a player of another generation, and he's got many years ahead of him. Time will tell.

Jude Bellingham was quiet in the four games against Bayern Munich and Manchester City, and he’s reportedly still favourite to win the Ballon d’Or. Has he been overhyped?

It's hard to evaluate a player for 3 or 4 matches. He's got an amazing season at Madrid - his first at that - and he's made it clear: he can wear the colours confidently, with all their weight, and played a key role in many matches. He didn't shine in the face-off against City, but he was instrumental in one of Madrid's goals. The Ballon d'Or stuff... we'll have to wait and see. Winning the Champions League matters a lot in that. We'll have to wait.

COPA América

If Argentina wins the COPA America, do you think that this current squad cements itself as the greatest ever South American side?

I try to shy away from comparisons... each team plays in a different era. That's why that phrase... "greatest ever"... I prefer not to speak about that. I do think that the Argentine side is the current best, after winning the Copa America and the World Cup. I hope they keep this up. It won't be easy - there's great teams in Copa America, and they are all angling for the top titles. But it'll be a nice challenge to fight for a new trophy.

Out of all of the great South American strikers, who do you see as the best of all time?

Again... "of all time" is such an unfair concept. Times change, football changes... but in terms of quantity and quality, I believe Leo Messi is in a category of his own.

Who is your pick for player of the tournament?

There'll be many players to follow. Each national team... even the underdogs and dark horses, they've got players that can shift the tides around. We'll have to see how every match plays out, how the teams around them play. We'll have our player of the tournament by the time the chips are down. But there's many players to keep an eye out for. But if I have to choose I would pick Leo Messi for sure.

Which country do you think will surprise viewers with their performance at COPA America? Who are the dark horses?

Colombia should be a team to watch. They have a solid foundation and Luis Diaz brings some top-flight football to the team. Ecuador too, many of their players have been performing exceptionally lately in Europe. And there's Uruguay... we know of their potential, and now with Bielsa they have a fresh new boost.

Is Lionel Messi still the best player in the competition? Who else is close to him?

Until the day he retires, he'll be the best. There are many good players out there, but I can't see anyone who's able to achieve what he can.