Stanley Cup Play Offs Weekly Preview - May 16-22

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The NHL playoffs have concluded with the first round of action, and we are now onto the last eight to determine who gets a shot at conference play glory.

There have been several hard-fought series throughout the first two weeks, and games are just getting good.

If this first round is a preview for what’s to come, hockey fans and sporting fans in general are in good hands.

The Stanley Cup has a few favorites this year but apart from the Avalanche, the field looks pretty good to take on some action.

There are so many variance situations in games this playoffs, which bodes well for the teams trying to make it out to glory.

There are so many different opportunities in this next round of seven game series, and the teams who are the freshest will feel the best both mentally and physically.

Playoff runs are super hard to come by, and only a few teams will make it to the final four.

Let’s look at some of the matchups we have this week!

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Game 1 - Colorado Avalanche Versus St. Louis Blues - Round 2 Starting May 17th, 2022

The Colorado Avalanche are going to feel great about their chances heading into a series versus the battle-tested Blues.

Colorado has largely remained untouched, and that has continued into this postseason after a series sweep of the Nashville Predators in round one.

Their confidence has been at a high throughout the whole regular season, but it looks like they are bound to the final if they keep this level of play up.

Although they are the most clutch team in the NHL, their defense in series one was shaky by their standards, so they will need to fix up some holes before this series.

Other than that, the Avalanche possess firepower on all wings and can score at will.

Blues nation will be feeling some relief after a tough and intense series versus the Minnesota Wild.

Lots of goals were scored, and the moments of uncertainty were certainly there for both teams.

However, the will that the Blues showed to push their sticks past the finish line makes them a battle-tested opponent that is ready for whatever else the playoffs may have.

Especially against the Avalanche, the Blues will feel like they are playing with house money and are the likely underdogs throughout the seven games.

This doesn’t mean they can’t do damage, though.

The Blues will be dangerous offensively and look for them to turn up the pressure on Colorado.

Prediction for G1 and G2 - Split the Blues homes games, 1-1.

Game 2 - Florida Panthers versus Tampa Bay Lightning - Round 2 Starting May 17th, 2022

This match between Florida and Tampa Bay will be incredible to watch from a neutral point of view.

Two teams from Florida who are playing fantastic hockey at the moment will be clashing their heads in a battle between two of the top teams that could win the Stanley Cup.

Look for there to be tight moments in this series, and possibly the under on goals as a sports betting line to look out for.

There isn’t much separating either, but the TB Lightning will have the postseason experience.

Prediction for G1 and G2 - Split the Lightning Home games, 1-1.