Stanley Cup Play Offs Weekly Preview - May 30 - June 5

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The NHL playoffs have been strung down to the last four teams remaining competing for the Stanley Cup.

These last four teams are going to be putting every second of this remaining season towards their goal and have to figure out a way to make it work.

With the Conference Finals looming, coaches will be implementing even tighter defensive strategies, and try to counter with some creative attacking options.

The shape of the landscape has changed significantly since the first round, and the thrillers are only getting more entertaining.

Now, however, the men are separated from the pretenders. Physicality, strength, and ability are going to be maximized to different levels than before. has all the best promos for NHL and the matchups that you want!


Colorado Avalanche vs Edmonton Oilers

This series will showcase the NHL’s potential best team in the league, versus the hottest team in the league.

The Colorado Avalanche have finally gotten rid of their second-round curse that has plagued them over the past few years, and now look to be set to try and make a Stanley Cup appearance that this fanbase has been waiting for.

Loaded with the best attacking options in the league, and a solid defense to boot, the Avalanche have the perfect recipe to lift the Stanley Cup.

Their series versus the Blues was not all that convincing, however, Champions tend to advance even in the toughest of times.

Look for Colorado to push the tempo and create opportunities against an opponent they will feel ready to play.

The Edmonton Oilers are a great story that has set into a season led by Connor McDavid.

Their consistent magic has gotten them to a Conference Finals, and from this point on everything will be house money.

A young team with tons of potential, the Oilers have a roster that looks to be set for multiple years forward.

This experience will put them truly through the test on whether they can win it all.

The Avalanche are possibly the most dangerous team left, and they have the pleasure of figuring them out through a seven-game series.

Prediction - Colorado Avalanche in 6 games, as the Oilers will never back down in any game no matter the score.

NY Rangers/Carolina Hurricanes vs Tampa Bay Lightning

The TB Lightning are in the midst of another mind-blowing Stanley run, and they truly believe that they can do it, as one of the more experienced teams in the competition.

Tampa Bay knows how to handle game situations, and unlike most teams, can come through when leading and also come from behind when down for the count.

In the Eastern battle, the Lightning have done a great job of dispatching quality opponents in Florida and Maple Leafs nation.

Whoever they face in the Conference finals, will not be enough for the dynastic Lightning.

Prediction - TB Lightning in 6 games, they will get it through in the end, and make sure they are in the competition for another Stanley Cup.