Stanley Cup Play Offs Weekly Preview - May 9-15

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The NHL playoffs are in full swing, and we are being blessed with cracker after cracker, on the daily playoff schedule during these 1st round matchups.

With so many games and series to keep track of, fans will be glued to their television in what is the craziest month of hockey!

There are several teams with a great shot at winning the Stanley Cup this year, but only a few will make a legitimate case.

The pacing of these first week of games have been very hot and cold, with some matches going into the as high as the 10 goals range.

However, there have been defensive series as well with the Flames versus Stars.

This second week will be all important to all the teams in the playoffs, and will likely be the defining moment on whether or not their fate is to advance to the next round. has you covered with great NHL promos, and more now!

Game 1 - Florida Panthers @ Washington Capitals (Capitals Lead 2-1) Monday, May 9th, 2022

Alex Ovechkin and his Stanley Cup win just a few years back had the hockey world absolutely buzzing for the all-time great.

His team has played shaky this year, but now have a real opportunity to do something great.

Currently up 2-1 on the Panthers, look for the Capitals to take it into their own hands at home on Monday.

The crowd support will boost the attacking confidence and puck play from the midline which can help the Caps greatly.

Capitals know how big a series 3-1 lead would be, and it would effectively put the series out of reach. Ovechkin and company will be itching to get on the court and play their hearts out.

The Florida Panthers have some work to do after an abysmal defensive performance in two of the past three games.

A very solid team in the regular season, Florida is running out of time to figure out how to keep the shots on goal under control, and make their way back into this series.

Look for the Panthers to rely on their physicality and passing to get into spaces where Washington will be vulnerable, and possibly win the game from pure patience.

If Florida is impatient, however, it could be a closing of the curtains in this game four.

Prediction: Washington Capitals Moneyline, they will relish this opportunity to take the series stranglehold.

Game 2 - Colorado Avalanche @ Nashville Predators (Avalanche Lead 3-0) Monday, May 9th, 2022

There isn’t much at all that the Colorado Avalanche can do wrong now, even when they’re in the worst of spots.

After a demoralizing OT snatch from the Predators this past week, the Avalanche should be able to sweep the series in Nashville and take everything from a mismatch.

The Predators had a shot this week to make some amends and possibly put some pressure on the Avalanche, but were narrowly defeated in a great performance by them.

If the Avalanche play their best, this will be a quick game and over before you know it.

Prediction: Colorado Avalanche -1.5 Puck Line, too good for the Preds, and it will be series over in dominating fashion.