Tennis Tips & Predictions: ATP Acapulco

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ATP Acapulco is one of two premier tournaments held by the ATP Tour in Mexico.

Hard courts in the sun always make for a great time, but the Acapulco version is so sweet for many reasons.

This week it will be holding its 500 points hand-in-hand with the Dubai Championships, so the top fifty players have split ways into deciding which one of the events to try their luck at.

Here we have several top ten players making the trip, and the talent on display will be in abundance.

Never lacking in quality, ATP Acapulco will test these players’ abilities in faster circumstances.

Big servers will be as threatening as ever on an outside court, and the point construction must be top tier.

Finishing off with a forehand or backhand is something that every single player possesses, but some do not have the ground game to compete on these courts.

Playing better in the first few rounds of this tournament, as the Golden Swing is just right around the corner!

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Players to Watch For

Hard Court Return - Carlos Alcaraz

After a hard-fought win in Buenos Aires, Alcaraz will be shifting his focus to the new hard-court part of the season.

Alcaraz has been dealing with injury problems for the past two months and he has found renewed confidence in his game and self in February.

Making the right plays and staying patient on points are some key factors that could turn Alcaraz into a potential GOAT, and he has all the natural talent to compensate.

Changing his game to tweak for the speed difference and overall court pressure that comes with the hard court won’t be easy, but Alcaraz knows a thing or two about winning big tournaments on this surface.

Don’t believe me? Watch how he performs this week.

Mexican Comfort - Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz is a man on a mission, and for the past six months he has made the ATP Tour a personal endeavour.

Now set to debut within the top five rankings in a few weeks, Fritz is more than ready to make that leap and join the game’s elite.

Taylor will thrive in the Mexican conditions, and genuinely loves playing so close to home in California.

There is going to be ample crowd support for him, as he has been a regular to this tournament for the past decade.

Still relatively young for athlete terms, Fritz is cracking onto his prime moments.

Slow Gear in 2023 - Casper Ruud

Casper Ruud needs a spark desperately to continue within the 2023 season.

Ruud has not played comfortably in the past few tournaments, including the Aussie.

His ability to stay in points has largely been nullified by big hitters, and he needs to adapt his game to the challenges.

Ruud has all the capabilities to hit with the best of them, and maybe this week he can show his true form and potential.