Tennis Tips & Predictions: ATP Adelaide 2

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Adelaide is privileged to host the second ATP 250 event on their courts, with the second week of the Aussie swing coming up!

What has been a wild week of tennis, players are finally getting back into shape.

Making strides to win the most matches they can and setting goals, the pre-AO tournaments always serve as a good indicator to the level displayed in the Grand Slam.

Without these matches, many players would be stepping onto one of the biggest tournaments of the year without much to say.

Sharpening the knife’s edge, there is going to be some whacky upsets, but everything works out in the end.

The first ATP 250 here in Adelaide last week was a massive success, there is going to be the same vibes and energy for week two!

Players who failed in the week previous will try to make things right in their minds.

A deeper result in Adelaide #2 could find someone in the seedings for the AO.

Let’s check out some of the players to watch for and the bets you could be making on’s tennis sportsbook.

Players to Watch For

Consistently Showing Up – Andrey Rublev

Andrey Rublev has been known to be a menace at ATP events.

Although he has had some decent results in grand slams, his winnings on the actual tour are unreal.

He has been a consistent multi-event winner in the past three years, and his presence on tour is massive.

Rublev has a huge game with weapons homing in on the forehand and backhand.

Although he can be a headcase at times, Rublev has the game to trouble anyone in the world.

Beating Rafael Nadal on clay was one of his signature wins, which shows how good this kid can be.

All things considered, Rublev will want to earn some points early in the season.

Adelaide #2 is glad to have the Russian top ten player, and his quest for trophies starts now.

Look for Rublev to be a general favorite in whatever match he plays in this week.

Kyrgios back Home – Nick Kyrgios

Aussie #1 Nick Kyrgios has a lot to say about this 2023 swing.

One of the world’s greatest tennis talents on display, Kyrgios is finally at a point in his career where he is confident and consistent.

Winning the fourth most percentage of matches played on tour in 2022, Kyrgios could not wait for this time to come.

AO and the preceding tournaments have been great times for Nick, but he could not deliver in the biggest moments.

He is a dangerous seed this time around and will be hungry to make a great start to his season.

On the uptrend in all aspects of his career, invest in Nick while you can.

Building Blocks – Lorenzo Musetti

With so many talents in Italy, Lorenzo Musetti often gets overlooked in the crowd.

The former AO Junior Champ, Lorenzo is a man with many shots.

The book does not get bigger for anyone than it is for Mr. Musetti.

Now climbing towards another Career-high ranking, Musetti has all the tools to make opponents quit.

Frustration and mystery are two words associated when playing the young Italian.

Although his game is probably not the most effective on hard courts, he finally has understood the game plan on how to win in these conditions.