Tennis Tips & Predictions: ATP Montpellier

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The ATP Sud De France Open will be showcasing some of the best tennis players in the world, right off a short break from the Grand Slam season.

We are back into the full swing of things, which means there is going to be a packed schedule with weekly tournaments from many of the top seeds.

Montpellier has been a historic tournament for some of the sport’s top players, with how stacked the field is for a 250, there is plenty of effort required to get the result of a win.

These conditions, like ATP Dallas, will be favouring the big servers.

Those who live and die by the rally will not be happy with the way these balls bounce, which will be an adjustment having to be made by all players in the field.

We have a very top-heavy field which will be a huge draw for fans all over France.

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Players to Watch For

Holger Rune - Recovery from Exhaustion

Holger Rune is now rested after an incredible week at the Aussie Open.

Although he fell short in his match versus Andrey Rublev, the Dane put it all out on the court.

His game style involves the use of his speed and elasticity to get to every single ball.

While many would consider this type of style “pushing”, Rune also has huge weapons unlike others.

Rune took advantage of indoor conditions multiple times in 2022, with his most notable experience beating Novak Djokovic in Paris Bercy 2022 for the title.

Rune is coached by Patrick Mourtaglou and the historic foundation that is run by him.

Holger might not be one hundred percent, but he should be ready to rock in these conditions especially.

If he can combine both aspects of his defence and offense, this one might be his to win.

Jannik Sinner - Indoors suits the Soul

Italian fans and tennis fans know the great potential of Jannik Sinner.

One of the most highly touted prospects we’ve had in decades, Sinner has delivered some promising results since his professional start.

Beginning with the challengers and working his way up to GS QF’s, Sinner has had plenty of experience to draw from, in the past three years.

He has a huge game that doesn’t reflect much on defence but pushes the table all-in with offense.

Sinner will be wanting to make big things happen in France, and these indoor conditions should be good enough for a deep run at the very least.

Alexander Bublik - Defending Champion is Back

Defending Champion of the Montpellier Open, Alexander Bublik is back for a vengeance.

Although 2023 has not been the kindest for Bublik, he will need to lock in a professional period of tennis in this second week of February.

Hitting serves as hard as anyone on the tour, Bublik has the talent and game to compete with the best.

Ever since his rise four years ago, Bublik has been a draw to fans for both positive and negative reasons.

Underarm serves aren’t out of the question with his playstyle, and it all depends on whether he’s on an early lead.

If not, we could be seeing some antics come out!