Tennis Tips & Predictions: Australian Open Men's Tournament

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The tennis world’s first Grand Slam tournament of the calendar year will start off in Melbourne, Australia.

The almighty and coveted Australian Open is one of the premier tournaments in all of sport.

Championships that can reflect a whole player’s legacy, there is nothing sweeter than to take part in the game of tennis at this time.

Many hopefuls will be getting a chance to showcase their talent to the world, which is one of the many reasons this two week becomes magnified even further.

We will have some definite favourites heading into this tournament, but also a couple of players who could surprise on a huge stage.

Making sure no one is underestimated is important to consider when talking about a grand slam.

Even the GOATs of the sport have slipped up a handful of times when faced with an underdog that’s bigger than the whole field.

There will be so many opportunities for fans and bettors to enjoy this tournament and 2 long week spectacle.

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Players to Watch For

Quest for GOAT ship - Novak Djokovic

There are never enough tournaments to win for the all-time great, Novak Djokovic .

The Serbian menace himself, Novak has done so many great things for the sport of tennis, on and off the court.

Making himself at home in nearly any event that he takes a part of, he will be looking to win everyone’s nods with a win in AO 2023.

His return to Australia is a great danger sign to the whole field of opponents, and they now must face this tournament head-on with no excuses.

As Nick Kyrgios has said “any tournament won without Novak in it doesn’t feel right”.

Keeping it classy and making sure his emotions are used the right way, Novak has had some eruptions down under in the past.

2023 is a new season for Novak, why not start off with the absolute biggest bang possible?

Top 5 in Form - Taylor Fritz

American Taylor Fritz has beaten nearly everyone in his path for the past six months or so.

Big serving and big weapons to accompany, Fritz is becoming the player everyone predicted in earlier years.

Still with plenty of time to his name, Fritz has a great chance to make a deep run at this year’s AO.

Semi-finals or better is nearly expected at this point, and if he makes it past the first few rounds it will become possible.

Dangerous by nature, Fritz will be taking on risks versus every opponent, but calculated as well.

Home Crowd Favorite - Nicholas Kyrgios

NK is tuning into 2023 with a locked in mindset.

If 2022 was a preview of things to come, the hyper-talented Aussie will have chances to do big things.

He will be able to focus match by match and take things to his standards. If possible, Kyrgios needs to ease into these rounds with calm play and match time.

Once he believes his confidence is ready, it will become a whole different ball game for the rest of the field.

If he is able to reach the later rounds with efficiency, this could be the slam run of a lifetime for Kyrgios.