Tennis Tips & Predictions: French Open - Men's Tournament May 31

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Round 2 of the French Open on the men’s side is open for betting!

We have multiple upsets that have already culminated in R1, and round two looks to be even spicier.

Making it to this stage is already an achievement, but everyone wants more.

This year’s French looks to be particularly wide open as the reigning King of the tournament, Rafael Nadal, takes a back seat to recover from injury.

Clay is always a tricky surface for many of the players on tour, as the bounces are not consistent and there needs to be a strategy for every game.

Big serving players still do well here, but there is not as big an advantage to having a “powerful” game like there is on hard or grass.

Regardless of these conditions, the players will be pouring out their heart and soul for every point played in Paris these next two weeks, and only one will be crowned deserving Champion.

We will be checking out some of the premier matchups for round two on!

Match Betting Previews

Stanislas Wawrinka versus Thanasi Kokkinakis

Stan Wawrinka is more than happy with his results over the past few months after coming back from a huge injury in 2022.

His play thus far has been excellent, and the former RG Champion will look to return to his former glory soon.

Although he is getting up there in age, Wawrinka still possesses the most powerful one-hander on the tour currently, and that backhand can seriously put opponents under pressure in a hurry.

He will need to serve well in this matchup particularly, because there is a huge likelihood of break points being scarce.

Wawrinka will feel comfortable in these conditions though and should secure a result.

Thanasi Kokkinakis is looking to break through at the French after securing a well-played round one victory.

The Australian isn’t the best on clay, but he has recently found form in other spaces that could put him in a prime spot here.

Wawrinka is a match that will always go down in infamy when it comes to Thanasi, as drama on off-court relations were brought to light by Nick Kyrgios.

Regardless of the antics, Kokkinakis will look to employ his plus one game plan to try and wear down Wawrinka.

Betting Prediction - Wawrinka moneyline and the over on total games played.

Aslan Karatsev versus Frances Tiafoe

A match between two very capable players takes place this Thursday at the French, between Aslan Karatsev and Frances Tiafoe.

Both of these players have had massive successes on clay this season but are not the most consistent with their play.

Karatsev will more than likely be drawing on his previous qualifier matches here in Paris, and Tiafoe has the ability of a top ten player.

On both of their days, they are scintillating and should provide a cracker of a match with a ton of great shots and crazy moments.

Betting Prediction - Karatsev moneyline and the under on games.