The Masters 2022 Tournament Preview

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The Masters 2022 is going to be a spectacle for all sporting fans to watch. Year in and year out, this historic golf tournament never fails to entertain.

A pipe dream of many of these golfers to be able to compete for a championship, the Masters green jacket is one of the most coveted items in all of sports.

Notable champions in the past have included Tiger Woods, Jack Nickalus, and Sergio Garcia.

It is a huge honour to have your name input in the great hall of winners in Augusta, and the previous year’s winner is always keen to put the new green jacket on the current / upcoming winner.

Even for those who are not particular fans of the sport of golf, the Masters is the one tournament in which most can tune in and not skip a beat.

Even better, the ability to bet on matchups and potential futures winners makes the event that much more exciting.

Predictions - In this section we will be going over predictions on possible futures bets that have decent chances at cashing.

Who has the best shot? John Rahm 9.65 Odd s

John Rahm and his consistency on the PGA tour has been stuff of legend over the past couple of years.

The Spaniard is constantly at the top of the rankings, and it is due to his strong placements at every tournament he participates in.

The 27 year-old is currently ranked number two in the world, with some recent results such as top 2 at the Sentry tournament, and top three at the Farmers Insurance Open, Rahm shows game when it matters.

To win a Masters in Augusta would boost his career to a different dimension, and solidify him as one of the greatest of all time.

Will John take it on the dome and power through? Only time will tell, and we will be eagerly watching.

The Veteran Leadership. Rory Mcilroy 15.80 Odds

Few players left on the tour have as much experience as the man Rory Mcilroy .

Having battled with the likes of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in their primes, Rory is the youngest of the three and possibly the one looking to make one last stand for the older generation.

Rory is still only 32 years of age, and is still competing at the highest level during some major tournaments.

The man from the UK but born in Hollywood is a major star in the sport of golf, and will be making an impact in the sport he truly loves, this Masters.

Take a shot in the dark! Tiger Woods 47.00 Odds

The fan-favourite and possible best golfer of all time, Tiger Woods will be making an appearance at the 2022 Augusta Masters after a freak car accident that left him questioning whether or not he would ever be able to play on the green again.

The multi-championship and 2019 winner, Woods, is going to be hearing all the energy the crowd can give him this time around, and hopefully fuel him to another miracle Masters run.

Tiger is by no means at peak performance level whatsoever, and his chances will be hinged on pure will and recollection of immense talent.

Any golf player can lock in for one week, and Tiger is no stranger to doing so on the biggest and brightest stages.

Analysis of the Whole Event

In golf, most winners can be unexpected or even unknown when they have breakout weeks, because the game is volatile and always evolving.

The conditions of these masters will play a key role in how drivers, putting, and chip shots will be played.

Much of the outcome of this tournament will be decided on the surface grounds, and how the ball is flying, along with the weather forecast.

There are always so many variables that can change in a second within golf, and the success comes from managing these variables with more upside than risk.

The form and actions taken by these golfers will be key in determining how the week evolves.

Old Veterans will have a slight experience advantage, but as we saw with last year’s tournament, throw all that out the window and just enjoy the quality of golf being displayed.

Youngsters and the old guard will both have chances to make noise, and it really comes down to the daily play of all players.

One player can have a massive lead after day one, but come last come tournament end.

Keeping up level and consistency each day of the weekend will lead to the best results, and it’s one of the hardest things in the world to do so.

Key Storylines to follow

Justin Thomas is still a very legit contender in any big major championship.

The American has made his name a prominent figure on the ladder of potential winners, and this Masters looks to be a tournament in which he can finally blossom into a huge star.

Injuries and the effect on swings are always a problem no matter what tournament comes around.

Usually, players are at their healthiest when the Masters come around.

However, this year figures like Tiger Woods and Hideki Matsuyama (last year’s winner) are both coming off major injuries.

Defending the title after suffering setbacks is not a joke, and it will have its affects both physically and mentally on the young man from Japan.


The Masters will provide fans with the ability to bet on matchups day by day once the pre-tournament ends on April 7th, 2022.

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