UEFA Champions League 2022: Quarter Finals Leg One

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The UEFA Champions League quarter finals are here, and the last eight teams are ready to make a splash in leg one of week one.

The Champions League playoffs have been utterly entertaining to say the least, and the matchups have provided fans with something to salivate for during every matchday.

These last few games will be a true test of mentality and skill, putting together hard work that has eclipsed several months at this point.

Managers will feel the need to go all out in their pursuit for the biggest trophy in all of club football, which is something that is not won by many.

This year’s CL pool is one of the deepest, but also one of the most random.

There are a ton of teams that many would think are not “fit” to be with the rest of them, making the selection a bit odd.

Nevertheless, the stories and roads to get here from all eight teams fit the narrative and they are all deserving of a spot in the semi-finals.

Let’s look at two of the best matchups for the semifinals leg one, week one.

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Manchester City versus Bayern Munich - Leg 1 of Two @ Manchester City

Man City and their quest for a possible treble within the footballing world is still very much going strong.

Pep Guardiola’s side are seeking to make things happen after Arsenal dropped a point on the weekend, making their direction to the light more doable.

As far as Europe goes, Manchester City will focus their primary resources on efforts to win the Champions League.

Since Pep Guardiola has taken over for this Manchester City side, there hasn’t been any final placing within the CL that seriously mars the club’s resume.

Erling Haaland has truly been a player to behold, and after his addition to the club, City look more rejuvenated than ever.

A goal-scoring threat with so much athleticism and positioning, this team is excited for the near future, and they should feel confident in their chances not only this week, but for the rest of the tournament.

Bayern Munich are also on a high after a rivalry win that put them at the top of the Bundesliga table against Borussia Dortmund.

The high-flying German side is looking better and better, especially with their new manager Tomas Tuchel.

Although recent months have proven to be calamitous and inconsistent, this squad still has veteran presence and the ability to knock any European power out of the tournament.

They will be playing the upset potential, which is rare to see from Bayern, this Tuesday.

Betting Prediction - Manchester City money line and -1 spread.

Real Madrid versus Chelsea - Leg 1 of Two @ Real Madrid

A matchup that many fans wanted at the beginning of the season is now a very much different outlook in April of 2023.

Chelsea and Real Madrid will fight for a spot in the CL semi finals with both teams in differing circumstances of their seasons.

Real Madrid are by no means in the best shape of their past few years, but they are in good enough form to overcome this Chelsea squad.

The reeling Blues are having to use Frank Lampard as an interim manager, something that has already reflected waves of negativity, with a one goal loss to Wolves this past weekend.

Betting Prediction - Real Madrid moneyline and possibly -1.5 as well.