UEFA Champions League Qualifying Stage Final Round Leg 2 Tips and Predictions

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The UEFA Champions League pot is heating up and there are only a few teams left in the qualifying rounds of the competition.

Sitting so close to a year of top-level European football, all clubs involved in this round are putting their absolute best into making the best results happen, while also realizing the whole year is ahead of them.

After a great week of first leg action, we know how these ties stand and their possible results going forward.

Close knit games have been a common theme of the first leg qualification, reflecting the talent level that all teams in the Cup possess.

There is clearly a lesser skill gap between teams, as they are all battle-tested to get to this stage in the first place.

What lies on the other end of the road is a fat paycheck towards the club and ability to show the world how good they really are.

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With so many promotions on the clock week-in and week-out there is so much to be excited for.

Matchday Previews and Analysis

PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands) versus Rangers (Scotland) - Leg #2 - Aggregate (2-2) - August 24th, 2022

After such a heart-racer of a game this past Tuesday, PSV and Rangers will line up against one another again in a last leg to decide who advances in the Champions League.

PSV were quite happy to relish a 2-2 draw after being dominated all first half against the Rangers.

The side from Holland created many chances which is why they were able to score, but defensively were weak in the back.

Their mistakes while playing from the back were crucial in their downturn and will be a point of emphasis for leg two.

PSV Eindhoven will still have hope in their attacking trio and the damage that they cause to any European side.

If they can channel their energy in the right way, the home crowd can lead them to the promised land.

Rangers are feeling weird about such a great game in the first leg and have to do everything in their power to make sure the momentum does not shift in game number two.

Breaking down the PSV defense was simple for the Scottish side and they need to do more of the same if they want to see the light this upcoming week.

Although their team has had some key departures over the last year, Rangers still boast a deep squad in a tough region, and their chances are definitely here for the taking.

Prediction - Expect another goal fest over 2.5, 3.5 goals are things to look out for in this glorious encounter!