UEFA Champions League Qualifying Stage Tips and Predictions: Wednesday July 12th

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It’s that time again on Stake.com, that time to bet on the Champions League football!

The UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds are a series of knockout matches played before the group stage of the main Champions League tournament.

These rounds are designed to determine which teams from various national leagues across Europe will earn a place in the prestigious Champions League tournament.

The qualifying rounds consist of multiple stages, including the preliminary round, first qualifying round, second qualifying round, third qualifying round, and play-off round.

The number of rounds and the format may vary depending on the number of participating teams.

During the qualifying rounds, teams that finished in lower positions in their respective domestic leagues compete against each other for a chance to advance to the group stage.

The winners of the qualifying rounds join the teams that directly qualify for the group stage based on their domestic league performance.

The final teams that advance from the qualifying rounds will then be placed into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League, where they will compete against other top clubs from across Europe for a chance to reach the knockout stages and ultimately contend for the Champions League title.

Let’s get into the first batch of matches here on Stake.com!

Matchday Previews and Analysis

FC Astana versus Dinamo Tbilisi - Wednesday, July 12th

FC Astana is one of the better European teams in the world and they have always been able to solidify Kazakhstan in the best way possible, showing beautiful football and deserve a chance to shine once again in the Champions League.

Astana is eyeing another qualification berth into the Champions League and one they will feel like is all-deserving and encompassing of their work done in the past season.

Being at home for Leg one of the draw matchup is going to be a great boost for them, and Astana will have a dominant home edge along with familiarity with the territory that is coming on.

They will look to grab this game by the horns and make the most.

Dinamo Tbilisi is one of the best, if not the best team in the Georgian league without a doubt.

They are one of the more overlooked regions of football, but are slowly but surely getting up the world rankings on the international scale.

Georgia has produced some great stars and one of them is currently taking the world by storm, Khvicha Kvaratshelia.

Prediction - Astana ML and under 2.5 goals

Slovan Bratislava versus Hespereange - Wednesday, July 12th

Slovan Bratislava is a mainstay for the European competitions and they will feel slighted that they are in this portion of the draw for the CL.

Hesperange is one of the most talented teams in Luxembourg and there is no doubt that they will be hungry to cause some permanent damage in this draw and make an upset happen.

Both of these teams will play with attacking prowess, but Slovan has the upper hand of talent in nearly all aspects.

Prediction - Slovan Bratislava -1.5 and over 2.5 goals scored.