UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifiers: Austria vs Sweden and Norway vs Cprus

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The UEFA European Championship , commonly known as the Euro, features a qualification process to determine the participating teams in the final tournament.

The Euro qualifiers typically span a period of two years leading up to the main event.

The qualification process consists of several stages. Initially, the lower-ranked national teams compete in a preliminary round to earn their spots in the main qualifying stage.

The main stage involves multiple groups, with teams competing in a round-robin format.

The number of groups and teams in each group can vary depending on the edition of the tournament.

Teams earn points based on their performance in the qualification matches, with three points awarded for a win, one point for a draw, and none for a loss.

The objective is to finish at the top of the group to secure direct qualification for the Euro.

However, for teams that did not secure direct qualification, there is a playoff stage.

The playoffs involve two-legged ties, with the winners earning their place in the final tournament.

Once the qualification process is complete, the Euro tournament itself takes place.

The teams that directly qualified and those that won their playoff matches participate in the month-long event.

The tournament begins with a group stage, where teams are divided into groups.

The top teams from each group, as well as some of the best-performing third-placed teams, progress to the knockout stage, culminating in the final match where the Euro champion is determined.

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Match Betting Previews

Norway versus Cyprus

Norway is coming into this match with a last two position within their group and almost all hope is fading.

Erling Haaland and company are looking to make a major tournament in their generation, but things aren’t looking to be going to plan.

There is going to be a huge need to not only win this game, but do so in convincing fashion.

Norway has been severely lackluster in defence, which has lead to a steep demise within their roster.

If anything were to happen in this last stage of the qualifiers, their players need to step up and realize their plight.

Making plays on both the offensive and defensive side of the pitch will be crucial, as Cyprus are no slouches themselves.

Regardless of the position they are in, it is a major need to come out in this match and show some fighting spirit for the home fans who will travel to this game on Tuesday.

Cyprus haven’t been convincing in any game of their Euro Qualifiers run.

They aren’t looking to be good to qualify for the tournament and need a huge result here to even stand a chance.

Cyprus is going to have to all out attack and make sure they don’t concede goals in the back which is tough enough to do already.

Cyprus doesn’t have the most talented squad but they are sure competitors in a group of death.

Betting Prediction - Norway ML and over 2.5 goals.

Austria versus Sweden

Austria is looking to secure a spot in the Euros and have the ability to do so at home versus Sweden this time around.

The Austrian squad is plenty talented and actually have a legitimate shot at making another major tournament in their history.

Austria employs several key players including veteran presences like David Alaba and Marko Arnautovic.

There is going to be a ton of havoc being caused in the back in this game, and they need to tighten up to secure their spot in the big dance.

They are at home and will have all the ability to do so.

Sweden will be hard-pressed to find another opportunity for the Euros and will need to all-in this game with their hearts and bodies.

Their core attack isn’t in the best shape but there is definitely reason to believe that they can pull of the upset in one of their bigger games of the season.

Betting Prediction - Austria Ml and under 2.5 goals scored here on Stake.com!!