UEFA Europa Conference League Group Stage Matchday 4 Preview

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Conference League fans are happy to know that their competition will be returning for another week of action this Thursday, October 13th.

What has been a wild first three weeks of competition, the UECL has given many teams in Europe the opportunity to succeed and be exposed on the world stage.

Teams from lesser-known countries and performing at the top-tier domestically now have the tools to make their club names stand out.

Although there are some clear favourites to win this tournament, the uncertainty of the group stage is what makes this tournament shine.

With unexpected results taking the headlines, week in and week out, there is never anything impossible in the Conference League.

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West Ham United (England) versus (RSC Anderlecht) - Group B - Thursday, October 13th, 2022

West Ham are releasing their frustrations from the Premier League into the Conference League at the moment.

The hammers are truly one of the clear favourites to win this tournament and will have full confidence in backing their squad this Thursday.

Declan Rice and his teammates are more than ready to take on the Belgium squad and are regaining their form from last season in small steps.

Week by week, the West Ham faithful are starting to believe once again.

The hammers will be more than happy to play some attacking football, making their opponents cower on the defensive end.

An early goal against the Belgian side will likely put the game away, so look for them to go for the jugular early on.

RSC Anderlecht are one of the better sides in the Jupiler League, but still do not compare to the likes of West Ham.

There are clear underdog feelings within the locker room, but RSC have a puncher’s chance away to the Premier League club.

Counterattacks and making the space on quick passes will be the key for Anderlecht and there is no doubt that there will be a few chances for them to try and pick up.

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SK Slovan Bratislava (Slovenia) versus FC Basel (Switzerland) - Group H - Thursday, October 13th, 2022

Slovan Bratislava and FC Basel are locking horns for a battle in Group H of the Conference League.

Both sides are offensive-minded and will be taking on their liberties in their opponent’s half of the pitch.

With not much separating first and fourth in Group H, there is a clear desire for both squads to leave it all out on the field and take the three points.

Initiative will be key in this match specifically, because once the strike has been hammered, it will be a huge disadvantage for the team that goes down a goal.

FC Basel have a strong history in European competitions for the past few decades and they certainly don’t want to bow out in the lowest tier of their Intercontinental competition.

Look at the over and pace of the competition for this match in particular!

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