UEFA Europa League: Round of 32 - Leg 2

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What was a crazy week, the beginning of the playoffs in the Europa League is set to continue again, this Thursday.

The world’s best teams are vying for a spot in the Champions League and financial incentives within the EL.

Week two will see some premier matchups between top teams across Europe who are still tied or close on aggregate.

The two-leg approach has been crucial for many past winners, as comebacks are made possible.

Whether it’s finding the form in an away leg, or turning up the heat at home, these two leg matches provide fans something to look forward to for two weeks.

There isn’t much separating most of these teams, and we have a seriously competitive second leg week, coming up here.

Imperially looked at as a steppingstone to the CL, Europa League teams still want to try their hardest and field the best squads as reps for their own domestic leagues.

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Match Betting Previews

Manchester United versus Barcelona FC - Agg. 2-2

Manchester United will be thankful they’re at home at Old Trafford this matchweek of the EL.

They are unhappily heading into leg two after some controversial ref decisions lead the game to two goals apiece tie.

Both teams will feel like they should’ve won that match, and there was nonstop action throughout the whole game.

Conceding off some defensive errors will need to be cut out for United.

They have more pace and ability on the counter, and they know what their game plan must be in leg two.

Old Trafford will provide a significant boost to their chances, and with Marcus Rashford leading the charge, the sky's the limit.

An everyday occurrence, Rashford would be hard-pressed to not find the score sheet in leg two.

Barcelona is carrying a lot of luggage with them, and their Camp Nou performance left a lot to be desired.

Robert Lewandowski was able to finish his chances, but there is no guarantee they will be able to get past United in leg two.

With an early injury to Pedri, there were changes that needed to be made.

The Barca hopeful will be praying that Pedri is fit enough to continue in leg two, because if not, the same problems might persist.

Betting Prediction - Over 2.5 goals scored, and Manchester United to win.

AS Roma versus RB Salzburg - Agg. 0-1

Jose Mourinho and Roma will be enraged that they could not get out of Austria with a single goal.

Salzburg pulled a heist and scored in the 88th minute, putting a damper on Roma’s EL chances.

The Romans will have an uphill battle in trying to contend with Salzburg in a one goal deficit, but they will be confident in their support as well as comfortability to score a goal or two.

There is nothing to say that Roma could take this tie without even going to Extra Time, but will they field their best performances? Only time will tell.

Betting Prediction - Salzburg to qualify, under 2.5 goals in this game.