UEFA Nations League 2023 Final: Croatia v Spain

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Here we are at the final stage of the UEFA Nations League Euro 2024 Qualification campaign, and two teams have made it to the mountaintop.

Spain and Croatia slugged their way through two difficult semi finals and now find themselves with an opportunity to win a cup heading into the International Break of 2023.

This summer has been headlined with some crazy predictions and transfer rumours, but we still have a ton of international football to focus on.

These past few matches have been electric, with amazing saves and goals.

Doing it their way, Spain and Croatia will meet up for another meeting to continue their saga in history.

These two nations are some of the most talented in the world and have brought great respect to their fans and nations for what they are able to do on the pitch.

This match will be played with a high pace and there is certainly going to be some intense moments throughout the match.

This one will be for all the marbles, so expect there to be nerves as our first Trophy Final gets underway this Summer!

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Croatia versus Spain - Sunday, June 17th

Croatia has been dominating the world of football for years, although they aren’t necessarily considered one of the “top dogs” by many.

Making the WC Final just over four years ago now remains a distant memory, and their players still are hungry for more.

Luka Modric was sensational this past week in the match versus the Netherlands, and the centre mid played for 120 minutes, something that not many would have expected.

Heart and country above all, the Croatian team is composed of many real footballers who have talent to play in all of the top four leagues.

From the offense to the defence and keeper, there is plenty of seasoning and veteran presence.

They were able to come down from a goal deficit against the Netherlands which shocked many, as the Netherlands looked like a team on the come up after the WC.

Croatia can now rest easy, but not too easy, as their chance at clinching glory remains to be seen against a solid Spain squad this weekend.

Spain are the architects of a lot of the modern formations and football you see being played today, but their squad is not necessarily the biggest or most powerful in this modern game.

Spain has a ton of solid and consistent players, but their goal scoring threats are lacking when compared to other countries.

With new coach La Fuente in, their possession-based game is still there but they looked much better on the offensive side of things in their match against Italy.

If this is a glimpse of what Spain is to do in the future, it could be going back to the red and yellow for another era of golden football.

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