What are NBA Player Props?

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This week, we added a major addition to our sportsbook. NBA player props are currently live and ready to be wagered on. Not sure what team to take in the NBA playoffs? Well, don’t sweat.

Player props add a unique dimension between sports gambling and fantasy sports. With NBA player props, simply choose a player that you want to focus on. From there, choose what specific stat you are comfortable with.

We offer the basics of total points, total rebounds and total assists if you want to keep it simple. Think Kawhi Leonard scores 27.5 points in Game #1? Then simply take the Over 27.5 and cheer everytime Leonard scores a basket! Want to get a little more complex and focus more on your player trying to get a double-double? Then look at the Points + Assists, Assists + Rebounds or other combinations we offer.

Think Ben Simmons is going to have a bad game handling the ball? Well, then head over to the turnovers and bet accordingly!

The thing that makes us different at Stake regarding Player Props is that we allow you to adjust the odds to your liking. Let’s dig a bit deeper and look at Kawhi Leonard props for Game #1 against the Utah Jazz. The default scoring prop is Over/Under 27.5 points. Here you can lay 1.87 for the over or 1.77 for the under.

Have a feeling that he will score 37 points? Instead of taking the 1.87 at Over 27.5, simply move the slider to Over 36.5 and look at the increase in odds! Now you are getting 9.02 on the over, which will pay 9x your bet!

On the contrary, if you want to play it safe, we also allow that. Slide the bar the opposite way and you can get an Over/Under 19.5 for Kawhi Leonard. The over pays 1.02 but barring an injury that should be extremely safe!

With player props on Stake, you can root for a player to have a good or bad game and bet accordingly!

Betting on player props is an extremely fun way to watch an NBA game. Here are a few tips that we have when looking at props. First off, before taking any prop, you must consider the following three things. Injuries, playing time and fouls are the biggest factors when playing player props.

If your player enters the game and then gets hurt, unfortunately your over will be dead in the water. Also, if your player is having a great game but the game is a blowout, you’ll probably start yelling at your television when the coach pulls him for the entire 4th quarter.

Two quick fouls in the first minute of the game? Well, you know your player will be on the bench for the rest of the first quarter. Seeing your player sitting on the bench is a horrible feeling when you have the over, but a wonderful feeling when you’re betting the under.

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, sometimes it’s hard to wager on every game. A lot of the games are tough to handicap, so head into the Player Prop section and have fun there! Have an itch that a player is coming back too early from an injury? Select the player and bet his unders!

For example, Anthony Davis in Game 6 was a perfect example. He only played 5 minutes which was a great bet for the under in any category. Think Giannis Anteokounmpo is going to break out of his slump in Game 3?

Take the corresponding overs and root for him! With an abundance of selection, we have you covered whatever way you want to wager when it comes to Player Props in the NBA!

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