What is a Teaser Bet?

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What is Teaser Betting? - How to Place Teaser Parlay Bets at Stake Sportsbook

Sports betting is one of the most popular elements of the gambling industry and is continually evolving as online sportsbooks and bookmakers look for new ways to stay ahead of the curve. One big part of this is parlay betting and, in particular, teaser bets. Learn about these unique sports bets before getting started at Stake.com .

What is a Teaser Bet/Teaser Parlay?

First, a parlay bet is one where multiple outcomes are combined in one wager. Think two or more football betting odds being added to one ticket to get value out of the favourites. A teaser parlay is something a little different, though, even if it can be applied to everything from college basketball to rugby .

A teaser bet combines the elements of parlay wagers with the point spread bet types. Instead of choosing the simple moneyline odds to combine into your parlay, you will bet on the point spread or handicap . That is, you can amend the amount that is applied on the spread - whether you think a team will win or lose within a certain range - for the individual wagers, which will lower the odds with a more-likely-to-win bet.

How is Teaser Betting Different to Other Bets?

The teaser type of parlay bets are different to most standard bets and betting lines, especially betting on the single moneyline, both because of the spread and because the ticket will include more than one single game. Because a regular parlay bet can include two or more fixtures, their odds are usually much higher.

Because the teaser is also focused on the points spread , it is also much different to the proposition or prop bets . The latter is focused on alternate lines other than the game result, such as an individual player making the most three-pointers in a basketball game.

Looking at how they compare to other examples of points spread bets or handicaps, the teaser options share one element with something like Asian handicap betting , also sometimes known as Asian totals bets. That’s because both give players a way to bring the likelihood of winning up slightly by bringing the odds down.

How to Place a Teaser Bet on Stake

To place a teaser bet at Stake Sportsbook, simply create an account or log in. From there, deposit money into your account in the Deposit and Withdrawals section of your account. From there, navigate to your chosen sport and click into the fixture you want to add to your betting slip. Here, you can see all of the markets on offer for this particular fixture and add your chosen teasers or reverse teasers to your betting slip.

Teaser Wager Examples

Teaser parlays may sound a little bit confusing at first but they are as simple as combining two outcomes, adjusting the point spread on offer, and placing the bet. So let’s look at a couple of examples of two-team teasers and three-team teasers in different sports for an idea.

First up, we have a wager including a couple of football games. Here, you might fancy the common margin of the six-point teasers. This means that you’re expecting that the teams selected might underperform (for the positive point spread) or overperform (the negative) the existing spread.

  • Bears v Texans - Original spread +1.5, New spread +7.5

  • Patriots v Panthers - Original -8.5, New -2.5

If the Bears lost in the NFL 28-21, that leg would win based on your adjustment of the spread. If you hadn’t gone for the six-point swing, it would have lost. If the Patriots won 34-31, the football teasers come in as they would have previously needed to win by 9 points or more.

Now, three-team basketball teasers. The concept is the same, except the point spreads on offer may be different. In this option, too, we have moved a short favourite to a short underdog by using a 3-point teaser.

  • Celtics v Kicks - Original spread +5.5, New spread +8.5

  • Bucks v Bulls - Original -6.5, New -3.5

  • Magic v Heat - Original -1.5, New +1.5

In this case, the first two legs function much the same as in the previous example. However, the third leg is different in that the Magic no longer need to win for it to come in. Instead, they can lose by one and it still come home.

Teaser Betting Odds & Payouts

Seasoned bettors will be well aware that using and adjusting the spread will make a significant change to the odds that show on your ticket. Another element to take into account is something which anyone who has placed traditional parlays will have experienced. That is, adding legs to a ticket also shifts the odds in a big way. Below is an example of how different standard teasers and numbers of legs , all the way up to four-team teasers, will change your odds and the potential payout, based on a $10 bet.

Number of Legs 6-Point Teaser Payout 7-Point Teaser Payout
2 1.909 $19.09 1.7404 $17.41
3 2.6 $ 26.00 2.2 $22.00
4 3.65 $36.50 3.15 $31.50

Teaser Betting Tips & Strategy

Strategies are a big part of sports betting as players look to give themselves any advantage they think they can claw at. When it comes to teaser betting, the primary tip to take on board for strategic betting is to know your sports.

If you’re betting on college football , for example, and one team’s player has had his head turned a little by draft talk, it might be worth looking at if you need to use one of these bets to bring the teaser odds further in your favour.

Similarly, it’s important that you’re aware of the spreads that work in your chosen sport. Different sports have different regular margins of victory. Soccer versus American football, for example. Because of that, the spread tease that you bring into play will need to be different and you can’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach.

There are a multitude of betting types online. If you're looking for new betting options, check out more of our sports guides on round robin betting , handicap betting , spread betting and many more.

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