Who uses Bitcoin?

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The cryptocurrency world has a fair number of critics, ranging from executives of big banking to certain governments that fear its rise will destabilize the economic structure of their countries.

But the digital currency along with the industry it has single-handedly created have been making tremendous strides.

It has increased its footprint in terms of its worldwide acceptance as a means of exchange for goods and services.

Not long ago, Japan announced that it is allowing the use of Bitcoin within its territory, and for some years now, a growing number of companies have already taken this option as well.

Accepting Bitcoin in exchange for goods and services is very attractive to certain companies, as there is always hope that its price will spike which means they stand to benefit more whenever they choose to sell it off for its fiat equivalent.

Despite the risks of a big downside, here are some of the most renowned companies that presently accept Bitcoin as a means of exchange.

  • Subway: The Subway franchises in Buenos Aires.

  • Virgin Galactic: The commercial space venture accepts Bitcoin purchases and customers can even pay for their space travel using Bitcoin.

  • Expedia.com: Users can book hotels using Bitcoin, they hope to include flight bookings soon.

  • Zynga: Online gamers can use Bitcoin for in-app purchases.

  • Newegg.com: An online electronics store, who accept Bitcoin for payment.

  • eGifter: This gift card app accepts Bitcoin for buying gift cards for places that do not receive Bitcoin.

  • Overstock.com: An online retail store that accepts Bitcoin as payment for all their items.

  • Reddit: They accept Bitcoin as payment for premium features.

  • OkCupid: This online dating site accepts Bitcoin as payment for subscriptions.

  • Cheapair: This travel/hotel reservations site accepts Bitcoin payments for airline tickets, hotel reservations and car rentals.

  • Namecheap: Namecheap accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment for domain name registrations

  • Shopify.com: An e-commerce platform where retailers can create their own e-commerce site.

  • Naughty America: The adult entertainment provider also accepts Bitcoin as a means of payment for subscriptions.

  • LOT Polish Airlines: The international Polish airline accepts Bitcoin as payments for online ticket purchases

  • Webjet: Travel agency

  • T-Mobile Poland: Mobile phone top-up company

  • Badoo: Dating network online, they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for subscriptions.

  • Mexico’s Universidad de las Americas Puebla: A University in Mexico

  • State Republican Party: This is the first State Republican Party to accept donations in Bitcoin.

  • MIT Coop Store: The student bookstore of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

There is a rise in the use of cryptocurrency, and this is because of its numerous benefits such as speed, low transaction fees, security, storage and management.