Francis Ngannou

"The Predator"

Brand Ambassador

We are extremely proud to announce Francis Ngannou as our brand ambassador- an undisputed champion with a golden heart and incredible willpower. Besides UFC gold, Francis has also conquered the hearts and minds of fight fans around the world. A man with the perfect tale of hard work and perseverance who started his journey as a sand miner in Cameroon and ended it as a world champion proving to the world that through hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

After 6 years of grinding in the UFC, Francis Ngannou can finally call himself the greatest heavyweight on planet earth. Ngannou has always impressed fans with his performances and he has won 6 performance bonuses to vouch for his greatness in the UFC Octagon. We are extremely delighted to be sponsoring such a charismatic talent on the global stage.

The Predator

Inspired by the 1987 movie and his dominant fighting style, Ngannou chose the fight name Predator because it does justice to his fight personality. With a dominating 100% finish rate, Ngannou believes he can rule the fight world through his power.

Francis Ngannou
Francis Ngannou

The Perfect Partnership

After successfully holding the Heavyweight championship, Ngannou envisions achieving legendary status as a fighter by carving an elite legacy. We align with Ngannou’s hardworking mindset, as we strive to give our players the best experience possible. Adapting to adversity is something Stake and Ngannou are experts at, making this is the perfect partnership.

What can you expect?

We are thrilled to welcome fight fans around the world onto our platform, including 4+ million of Ngannou’s fans across all social platforms. Fight fans are always welcome on Stake for Exclusive Ngannou promotions, best UFC odds, and unmatchable VIP experience.

“I'm going to make my own heaven. I'm going to struggle for it. I'm going to fight to earn everything I dream about.”

- Francis Ngannou