FIFA GT Nations League Betting on Stake is the ideal site to place bets on the popular FIFA GT Nations League and other prominent eSports events and competitions.

The GT Nations League brings together FIFA players from different parts of the world, who compete in individual tournaments as they work their way up to the grand prize.

Fans from around the world live stream the FIFA GT Nations League, and thanks to the multiple markets available at, you can also place a wide range of bets on the individual matchups that occur throughout a tournament.

Specifically, you can place moneyline bets, handicap bets, and total bets, among others, offering you the ideal opportunity to profit from the popularity of the GT Nations League.

Learn everything you need to know about betting on the FIFA GT Nations League at Stake sportsbook and how to get started with eSports betting.

FIFA eSports

FIFA is one of the most popular sports video games and attracts players worldwide. Since the rise in popularity of eSports recently, FIFA has cemented itself as one of the most streamed games on the internet, alongside the likes of LoL , Dota 2 , and CSGO .

Today, you can place bets on many FIFA eSports events, including regional, national, and international tournaments. Many people enjoy streaming FIFA eSports on YouTube and Twitch.

Thanks to the available markets at, you can now place many bets on FIFA eSports events and tournaments throughout the year.

FIFA GT Nations League

GT Sports is one of the leading organisers of eSports competitions, and their FIFA Nations League is one of the most popular tournaments on the eSports calendar. Each tournament lasts 2.5 hours and sees players competing with three different teams.

All games are broadcast live from the GT League Studios, and fans can stream FIFA GT Nations League live on Twitch via the GT League website and other platforms.

The FIFA, GT Nations League, runs throughout the season, and you can tune into live-streamed content via the GT website at practically any time, offering unlimited betting opportunities.

You can place a wide range of bets on the FIFA GT Nations League and other eSports events, including moneyline bets, handicap bets, and various specials that often change, depending on the fixture playing out at present.


Gamers play with various teams in the GT Nations League, depending on the categorisation of the tournament.

In terms of individual gamers, Votepeace, Carnage, and Spex are some of the leading FIFA GT Nations League players, and you can follow their progress throughout the season by live streaming their fixtures on Twitch.

Types of Bets

Betting on the FIFA GT Nations League at couldn’t be easier, thanks to an effortless crypto deposit process that ensures instant deposits and withdrawals. With units in your account, you can place the following wagers on the GT Nations League and other FIFA eSports tournaments:


When you first get into eSports betting, a moneyline bet is your best option. Here, your only concern is which team or gamer wins the matchup. Given that GT Nations League fixtures consist of multiple games between two gamers, a moneyline bet considers the winner of the entire fixture, and it’s a great way to back your favourite players while streaming FIFA GT Nations League action.


Handicap betting is popular in all sports, and eSports is no exception. The favourite is given a handicap, while the underdog is given a head start. If you back the favourite, they will need to overcome the deficit given to them by the sportsbook if your bet is to win.

However, if you back the underdog, provided that they don’t lose by more than the head start they were given, you will win your bet.


If you’re unsure which gamer to back, you can opt for a total eSports bet. Fundamentally, an eSports total bet sees you betting on the number of goals scored in a game. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which team wins (or which team scores the goals).

You can bet over/under the total goal line set by the sportsbook, and you can make your selection accordingly.


A 1x2 bet brings the tie into consideration, which can happen a lot in FIFA tournaments. The 1 refers to the home win, the x refers to the tie, and the 2 refers to the away win in your betting slip.


FIFA GT Nations matches also present a host of specials bets, making things even more interesting for eSports bettors. For instance, you can bet on the first team to score in a particular fixture and the total number of yellow or red cards to be shown.

Check out specials bets before each fixture, as they often change throughout the season.

FIFA Betting Tips & Strategies

As one of the most prominent eSports leagues, the FIFA GT Nations League provides excellent betting opportunities to sports fans. But how do you make the most out of eSports betting to increase your chances of winning? Read our tips below, or explore our elite betting tips online.

  • Understand how FIFA works: If you’re a soccer fan, you won’t have any issue understanding how FIFA works. But if you’re new to sports betting and haven’t watched a great deal of soccer, it makes sense to play a few games of FIFA yourself, so you understand how the game works before placing a bet on eSports.

  • Know what to bet on: As mentioned above, you can place many different bets on eSports tournaments, so it’s helpful to know what you can bet on before making a decision. This ensures that you can find good value in a market.

  • Research form and performance: FIFA gamers go in and out of patches of form, so it’s essential to consider how players have performed in recent games before backing them in a bet. This helps you avoid betting on gamers who are out of form.

  • Manage your bankroll: Given the sheer number of eSports games that take place throughout the season, it’s crucial that you manage your bankroll and bet within your means.