How to Play Diamonds on Stake

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Diamonds is one of the latest additions to Stake’s collection of exclusive in-house created games and was created as a replacement for now retired Diamond Poker. There are some similarities between the old and new.

However, there are also key differences in the latest Diamonds game that sets it completely apart in regards to how it’s played.

The Basics

To begin, the main difference between the new Diamonds and the late Diamond Poker is that the game is no longer played against a dealer.

Instead, five diamonds are drawn for each round and depending on the combination of diamonds (or lack of), the player is paid out the specified multiplier.

Overall, this game is very simple and easy to learn. There are however a few points to go over in order to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the game.

Most importantly, the payouts/multipliers. Payouts on Diamonds will range from 0x (no matching diamonds) all the way up to 50.00x (match all 5 diamonds with the same).

The colors of the diamonds are only present for matching purposes, and as so all diamond colors are of equal value. The name of the game here is to match as many of the same type diamonds as you can in each round.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the various payouts along with the corresponding number of diamonds required for each payout:

Basics Continued

Notice how 3.00x and 4.00x both require three matching diamonds. The difference between these two is that for 4.00x, you must also match 2 of another color as well (three of one color, two of another). Essentially, you need a “full house” of diamonds.

Although it may seem like an insignificant difference, the extra 1.00x can add up quite a bit over time especially with repeated hits.

One pointer to keep in mind while playing Diamonds is this. 50.00x should not be what you depend on as the bulk of your wins for your play session. With a 0.04% chance of hitting 5 diamonds, the odds of hitting multiple 50.00x payouts in a short period of time is not likely.

Even still during our testing of the game, we did have lucky sessions. We saw three to four 50.00x within less than 100 bets. Just like the rest of the games at Stake, Diamonds utilizes an RNG to generate random, yet fair results.

For the average session though, we recommend trying to capitalize on the 3.00x-5.00x range payouts. Increasing your base when you feel that a 3.00x or above will show is ideal for maximizing your profits from the game.

With a little luck, this game can be a great balance booster. Hitting a 50.00x with five matching diamonds is just icing on the cake.

Game Mechanics

In Diamonds, there are 7 possible outcomes for each of the five spots in the form of a gem. To generate each of the five spots on the board, each float is multiplied by 7. Then, it’s translated into a corresponding gem color using the following index:

<— start forum code markup for this section —>

// Index of 0 to 6 : green to blue

const GEMS = [ green, purple, yellow, red, cyan, orange, blue ];

// Game event translation

const gem = GEMS[Math.floor(float * 7)];

<— end using forum code markup here —>

If you’re familiar with the now-retired Diamonds Poker game which Diamonds replaced, this is the exact same method used to generate the results on the previous game as well. As with all games at Stake, the results are generated using the in-house RNG to provide randomized, fair results which can also be verified afterwards.

To learn more about Stake’s random number generation along with provably fair methods, click here for details .

Advanced Features

Due to the simplicity of Diamonds, the number of advanced features are limited. However the ones which are provided are quite useful to playing the game.

+ Auto Mode

Auto mode for Diamonds is similar to most other games at Stake. Here, you can set Stop on Profit, Stop on Loss, Increase/Decrease on Win/loss, and number of bets.

Expert Tip: If you’d like to decrease by a certain percentage on win or loss, you can type in a negative number (ie. -50.00) which will accomplish this.

+ Hotkeys

One of the most useful advanced features for this game would be the hotkeys. Using the hotkeys prevents the player from having the constantly use the mouse while playing. This can relieve physical strain.

Instant Bet

For players who are looking to increase the speed of the game, setting instant bet mode will accomplish just that. With this feature enabled, you won’t have to wait for each diamond animation to appear in each round.

In conclusion…

Being one of the newest creations at Stake, players have only begun to unleash the potential of Diamonds. Only time will tell what kind of extraordinary profits this game is capable of.

We hope that this guide has better helped you understand how to play Diamonds at Stake. We look forward to seeing you devise your own profit maximizing strategies for this game over at the casino!