NBA 2023 Playoffs Preview: Western and Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 & 4

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The NBA Semifinals is rapidly flying through, and these games have been surprising for many veteran fans of the NBA.

What is not surprising, however, is the ability of these teams involved.

The Celtics are currently facing a 0-2 series deficit, while the Lakers are staring down the barrel of a sweep into oblivion.

Getting ahead of the other team has become a key aspect of each game, and although leads can be blown, keeping pressure on the other has become too hot to handle for the losing team.

Chemistry and working together have proven to be pivotal aspects of the winning teams, and the collapsing of isolation plays are apparent.

Doing right on all the small things of the game whether it be blocking, rebounding, or assisting will be crucial coming down to the wire of these series.

Let’s get into analysing the game four and game three previews for these respective series available for you to bet on’s sportsbook!

Match Betting Previews

Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers - G4 - Monday, May 22nd (Series 3-0)

The Denver Nuggets are feeling ecstatic after stealing game three in Los Angeles, a feat that nobody has been able to have achieved in the two previous series.

Denver is clicking on all cylinders, but mainly the offensive end of the court. Bruce Brown, Caldwell-Pope, and Jamal Murray have provided significant fire to the already stout Denver offense, and they have been hot all series long.

3-pointer attempts can be looked down upon if overdone or used inefficiently, but the Nuggets have made the Lakers pay even with Nikola Jokic isn’t putting up the biggest numbers offensively.

In the back of the mind we see Mike Malone making some great adjustments and willing his team from the bench, a true possibility of a finals appearance looms large for the Nuggets.

Los Angeles is in dire straits now, and it doesn’t look like anything will be getting for them anytime soon.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis will have to make absolute history if they want to move onto the finals once more, and they have no better time

than now to do so. It is now a one game series for the rest of the way for the Lakers and they are more than likely to lose this through one of the next four.

However, they have been resilient throughout this season and started off 2-10 themselves.

If they are able to win this game, which should be possible, anything is in question.

Prediction - LA Lakers -7.5 spread and the under on points.

Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat - G3 - Sunday, May 21st (Series 0-2)

The Boston Celtics and Miami Heat are looking to face off for a possible stronghold grasp of this series, and one game that could potentially swing the momentum towards permanent damage.

The Celtics have played miserably up to this point, and it looks like nothing will be saving them from the pending doom that is creeping on their season.

Heat fans have been spoiled with how well this team has played from the jump of the series-set, and Jimmy Butler looks to be delivering on promises he has made.

This game three will decide a ton, and if the Celtics were to lose, this series would effectively be over.

Look for Jayson Tatum to take over and realize his chances for a title are once again dwindling.

Prediction - Celtics Moneyline and JT over 30.5 points scored.