NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 9

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Hockey fans, we are back for another action-packed week of games within the NHL and this week will feature some of the best going up against each other.

Week nine highlights a pivotal point in the season where teams start their gear up for the December month.

This month in the NHL often provides teams with either a way to get themselves together, or completely lose hope for the playoffs.

Although the season is not close to being over, the standings are starting to get more and more finalized.

Each game in December has a severe magnitude that will definitely make teams start playing up to their potential.

While those at the top of the standings will continue their good work, those at the bottom will want to cause upsets and make amends for themselves.

December is sort of the midway point for all thirty plus teams to truly find their game.

Rosters are filled out at this point, so we should see some very competitive matches!

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Boston Bruins versus Vegas Golden Knights - Monday, December 5th

The highlight of the week has to go to this fiery matchup between the East and West.

The Boston Bruins will be taking on the Vegas Golden Knights in a game that will decide who is possibly currently the most in-form team in the NHL.

Leading their respective conferences in every stat imaginable, hockey fans will not want to miss this matchup.

The Boston Bruins are creating a huge storm of optimism within their camp after opening the season up with twenty wins to only three losses.

Their play has been consistent throughout the season so far and there seems to be no one able to stop them.

The defensive issues of last season look to have been closed up, while the offense has progressed even further.

The Eastern Conference looks to be going through them in 2022-2023, bringing their huge hockey history back to restoration.

Parity has been awesome to see in the league this year, but the Bruins would like to say something about who the best team is right now.

The Vegas Golden Knights are back to winning ways after 2020 saw them almost lift up a Stanley Cup.

There is reason to believe that they may be back in that position this year, however.

Competing with the Western Conference is always tough, but the VGK are back on their horses.

With Nothing to lose at this point in the season, they have played some truly pleasant hockey, beating some of the best in the world.

They will be more than ready for a battle against the best team in the league, which should bring out fireworks.

Betting Prediction - VGK to win the game on the 1x2 and money line, with the game going over on goals too!

Toronto Maple Leafs versus Los Angeles Kings - Thursday, December 8th

Toronto will be hosting the LA kings in another cross conference battle this upcoming Thursday.

Both teams have been playing well as of late, making this contest a tightly knit affair.

The Leafs have put together a nice run of wins and find themselves at fifteen wins and five losses. Conversely, the LA Kings are thirteen and ten, looking to find more consistency with their games.

Maple Leafs nation have been spoiled this season by the amount of scoring that has come from their front line, making most opposing teams look silly.

Their goalie play has been decent, but if they are able to cut down on a few turnover mistakes, they could really be in for something.

The LA Kings will look to counter and make sure their skaters are ready to push the pace when they can. This game will be a great one, so make sure to tune in!

Prediction - Toronto Maple Leafs -1.5 puck line as they look to defend their arena against the Western Conference.