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Billie Jean King Cup - Double Winnings

To celebrate Stake sponsoring the Billie Jean King Cup we are offering an exclusive promotion to our Tennis bettors.

If your chosen player/players win while conceding three or fewer games, enjoy Double Winnings up to $100.

For all match-ups, simply back either player in the Winner market for Singles matches or either pairing in Winner market for Doubles matches:

  • Australia vs. Mexico

  • Switzerland vs. Poland

  • France vs. Great Britain

  • USA vs. Belgium

  • Japan vs. Kazakhstan

  • Brazil vs. Germany

  • Slovakia vs. Slovenia

  • Ukraine vs. Romania

Điều Khoản và Điều Kiện

  • Pre-match single bets on the Winner market for the Main Singles and Doubles matches of the Billie Jean King Cup
  • First bet per match, per customer, per household, per specific market
  • Bets must be placed before the scheduled time indicated on
  • No cashed out or voided bets will be eligible
  • Minimum Stake: $5
  • Maximum Payout: $100
  • Retirements and defaults do not qualify as a resulted match
  • Double Winnings will be credited if your selection wins the match and concedes three or fewer games
  • Backing both sides in any related market will result in disqualification from the promotion
  • Please allow up to 48 hours for winnings to be processed and credited
  • Stake reserves the right to disqualify any user due to promotion or account abuse, which may also result in a permanent ban
  • Any user deemed to have a conflict of interest such as a professional association with Stake will also be disqualified
  • Available to users only

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Billie Jean King Cup
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