Promotional Content 14 tháng 6, 2024 - 21 tháng 6, 2024

Blackjack Bounty

Step into the action with the Blackjack Bounty tournament on Stake Blackjack by OneTouch!

Every Blackjack hit brings you closer to the top! Accumulate points by scoring Blackjack hands and compete for a share of the $5,000 prize!

Don’t let this opportunity slip away - play your way to the top and claim your prize!

Giải Thưởng

– 1st – 2nd – 3rd – 4th – 5th – 6th – 7th – 8th – 9th – 10th

Điều Khoản và Điều Kiện

  • Tournament will be live from 6:00AM UTC 14th June, 2024 to 6:00AM UTC 21st June, 2024
  • The minimum bet required to be eligible for this promotion is $2 USD. There is no additional cost to participate.
  • Tournament aim is to collect the most points by getting Blackjack hands.
  • Players will collect a point (1) if they are dealt a Blackjack hand.
  • If dealer is dealt a Blackjack hand, then the player won't collect a point (1).
  • Player who collects the most points will win the tournament, places 1st - 10th.
  • A leader board with a player’s current place can be seen on leader board tab and is updated every time it is opened.
  • Positions of the players with the same score will be determined according to the timestamp of the final score - the player who has reached the final score sooner will be ranked higher on the leader board.
  • Tournament is available in play for real mode only. Only games specified by operator are eligible for tournament points and rewards: Stake Blackjack by OneTouch.
  • Players who participate in multiple currencies should be aware that the points earned in each currency will be calculated separately and will not be added together.
  • All prizes will be credited automatically to players’ casino account.
  • Any players found to be multi-accounting will not be eligible to receive prizes from this promotion.
  • Stake and OneTouch reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the Promotion, including any related terms and conditions, at any time. Any such amendment will not affect players who have opted-in unless the amendment is required to manage/prevent fraud and other unlawful behaviour.

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