5+ People That Are Part of the Bitcoin Millionaire Club (and How to Join)

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Although many  were skeptical about the legitimacy  of cryptocurrency when it first came out, more and more people have become involved during recent years. In fact, there’s a handful of people who have become members of the Bitcoin millionaire club through trading and investing in Bitcoin. This includes creating some incredible cryptocurrency-based companies.

Learning about them could also help relieve any fear you have about diving in on your own.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Bitcoin Millionaire Club. Let’s break down some of the new crypto-rich list.

Blythe Masters

Masters went from a former Managing Director at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. to the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings (DAH). This company builds encryption-based tools that vastly improves the safety and efficiency of securities trading. One of which just happens to be Bitcoin.

This once-doubted currency was partially brought into mainstream investing through DAH. As a result, Masters is often recognized as someone who helped dispel the stigma surrounding Bitcoin.

Barry Silbert

As founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group (DCG), Silbert’s mission is to invest in digital currency companies to help push the movement forward. Digital Currency Group also owns a firm named Genesis. They focus on trading with digital currencies.

Additionally, DCG owns another firm called Grayscale, which focuses exclusively on investing with digital currency.

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

The Olympic rowing medalist brothers  sued Mark Zuckerburg  in 2004 over the breach of an oral agreement made between them. The money they were awarded as a result of the settlement was placed into cryptocurrency. This then led them to exponentially grow their winnings.

Today, they own approximately 1% of all Bitcoin that’s currently in circulation and have since launched Gemini. Who is the first company to regulate the exchange of cryptocurrency.

Dan Morehead

Founder of cryptocurrency investment firm Pantera Capital , Morehead used his company to launch its first crypto investment fund in 2013. By 2018, Pantera was one of the largest owners of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Most notably, his fund has delivered exponential return for its investors, over 24,000% since it was founded in 2013. In general, his firm tends to focus its investment opportunities on exchanges and other investment firms. However, it also invests in coin trading services.

Michael Novogratz

Novogratz is a billionaire who’s invested approximately 30% of his fortune in cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin . In 2017, he publicly announced that he was to invest $150 million of his own money into a $500 million crypto fund.

The amount of confidence he’s shown while contributing his own finances to the cryptocurrency has helped other investors warm up to the idea of taking Bitcoin seriously.

Novogratz can frequently be seen speaking about Bitcoin on CNBC.

Learning From The Bitcoin Millionaire Club

The crypto nouveau rich are an interesting bunch and looking at their financial success will make an aspiring crypto entrepreneur curious as to how they can become part of the “Bitcoin Millionaire Club”.

What seems to be a common theme among these club members is that they’ve all started their own crypto businesses and have taken big gambles to get to where they are today.

With the above information about who’s who in the Bitcoin Millionaire Club in mind, you can get a strong idea of what it takes to make it to the crypto rich list.

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