Esports Betting Guide - How to Bet on Esports, Betting Tips & Strategies

News Content is home to many sports betting opportunities and esports markets, enabling you to bet on competitive video games from popular Esports to the most unique !

Find out how to bet on the biggest Esports and major tournaments , and learn how to develop an Esports betting strategy at the Stake sportsbook .

What are Esports?

Esports are a series of competitive video game tournaments in electronic leagues and events worldwide. Games like League of Legends (LoL), Dota2 , and FIFA are among the most popular, bringing players together in different leagues and events to compete for big prizes and global acclaim.

Many of the most significant esports events on the calendar are live-streamed to global audiences, providing the perfect opportunity to bet on the action while watching it unfold.

How Do You Bet on Esports?

Betting on esports is just like betting on other sports like football , soccer , tennis , or golf . You create an account at and deposit funds via your chosen payment method. You can then place many bets on upcoming esports fixtures and tournaments.

Esports Betting Options & Bet Types

Whether you’re betting on LoL mid-season invitational or the Rocket League , there are lots of different forms of betting that you can place on esports, including:

  • Outrights - The simplest type of eSport bet, an outright bet is a wager on which player or team you think will win a specific fixture in upcoming matches.

  • Tournament Winner - This is a type of bet where you can back a team to win a specific league or tournament.

  • Score - In esports like FIFA, you can bet on the final score between two players in the game itself. You can also bet on the score of the fixture, mainly if it’s a best-of series.

  • Maps - In games like LoL, players battle for control of maps, and you can bet on which teams you think will secure the most maps in a match-up.

  • Asian Totals - In Cyber Live Arena tournaments, you can predict whether the total goals or points scored will be over or under a specific number. This differs from Asian handicap betting, where you must determine the margin of victory for one team. Learn more about Asian totals with our handy guide .

  • Over/Under Bets - This type of totals bet that you can place on esports, where you predict that a team scores over/under a specific number of points or wins a particular number of maps, for instance.

What Esports Can You Bet on At Stake?

You can bet on all the big esports leagues and tournaments at For example, the following esports betting markets are available at our online sportsbook:

Check your account throughout the season to discover the best odds for upcoming esports fixtures , leagues, or popular games and knockout tournaments for the ultimate betting experience.

What are the Best Esports to Bet on?

Like all sports, there are lots of esports markets open to you at and you can decide on the most appropriate bets to place ahead of the biggest fixtures and tournaments.

If you’re new to esports betting, we recommend starting with major tournaments like LoL’s mid-season invitational, as there are lots of markets available and various bet types that you can place.

Live Esports Betting

While many people prepare their esports betting slip before the action gets underway, you can also place a host of live bets on your chosen fixture. This could be a bet like the next map winner on LoL or the next team/player to score in FIFA.

Check out our comprehensive guide that explains the differences between pre-match and live betting to help you get started.

Esports Betting vs Traditional Sports Betting

Fundamentally, there is no difference between betting on traditional sports and esports. You need to create an account and deposit some funds before selecting the markets and placing the bets that you’re interested in.

Some people don’t realise that esports players are professionals like other paid sports stars worldwide. They compete for prestige, and considerable sums to be ranked as the best esports players in the world, and eSports, in general, is a massive industry with a considerable following.

If you have never placed a bet on esports before, it’s a good idea to watch some live fixtures to familiarise yourself with how the game in question works. This will prevent you from getting drawn into a bet you don’t fully understand.

How Do You Win at Esports Betting?

Like all sports betting, research is important when betting on esports at Research how an individual player/team is currently performing and how they have historically done at a particular event. If it’s a major tournament, consider a team’s qualification route and determine how likely they are to get to the finals.

Moreover, playing games for yourself before making bets is an excellent idea. This is mainly for first-person shooters like Call of Duty and CS: GO and strategy games like LoL. Football fans will understand how FIFA works, but if you’re unfamiliar with the gameplay mechanics of an eSport, you should play the game before betting.

Esports Betting Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Betting on esports doesn’t need to be difficult, and you can place bets at without hassle. That being said, here are some tips to help you kickstart your esports betting strategy and assist with reducing any potential betting mistakes:

  • Make sure you understand each Esport before placing a bet. As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to play the game in question before betting. Have a go at playing the game yourself to get a full understanding of the rules and gameplay.

  • Research the format of a particular tournament before betting. Some esports events are leagues, while others are knockout tournaments.

  • If you're wanting to bet with crypto, understand your crypto deposit options and learn how to withdraw funds from your account before betting. You can learn about how to deposit and withdrawal methods for betting, with our online payment methods guide. To learn more, be sure to read our crypto security and crypto coin guides .

  • Read up on your fiat options if this is your preferred payment method. You can find more information about our local currency options on our community forum, as well as our local currency payment guide.

  • Keep things simple at the start. You can begin by placing outright bets on esports while learning the game. You can crank things up a notch when you become more confident with the gameplay. If you're just beginning your sports betting journey, you may want to check out our ultimate sports betting guide .

  • Take advantage of betting bonuses and promotions . As a leading online betting site, we have a range of weekly, monthly and ongoing promotions, offering big payout opportunities for simply betting on your favourite esports games!

  • Read up on expert betting predictions and tips . At Stake, our expert bettors offer a range of elite sporting tips that can help when you are devising your esports betting strategy. We've also got a range of our betting guides, including our guide to Dota 2 betting and our CS:GO betting guide that can help get you started.

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Esports Betting Rules, Regulations & Security

Before placing a bet on the esports of your choice, please familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions . You can also check out our latest news to keep up to date with the best offers and promotions to help fund your esports betting.

Please remember to only bet within your means and stay Stake Smart. Use our monthly budget calculator to help monitor your spending habits and learn more tips about betting online with our responsible gambling guide.

Remember – esports betting should be fun, so set your limits and know when to walk away.