MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - Week 12 June 20th

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The Major League Baseball season has been electrifying up to this point, and we can thank the contribution of all thirty-two teams competing night in, and night out. The trend that has picked up this season is the ability of any team to win on any given night. Whether you’re a 1.20 favorite, or a 4.00 underdog, the chances seem to be there equally on both sides of the coin. This league has finally gotten a balance of competition releasing some teams from playing games without any motivation. Teams with big money are finding ways to win, while low-budget teams are also making marks themselves. Owners will be proud of how they opened this season and it really has been a pleasure for fans across the world. What was once a season under a lot of questioning and scrutiny, is now flowing well. has the best MLB odds in the game so head on over to the sportsbook and place your bets now!

Game 1 - New York Yankees @ Tampa Bay Rays - Tuesday, June 21st, 2022

The New York Yankees are housing one of the finest offensive powerhouses in all of sport with their main duo of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. The Home-Run productivity has been off the charts and their win column has followed. Starting Pitching has also been a huge component of Yankee success in 2022, as they possess one of the lowest average ERAs among starters in the whole American League. This team looks destined to make a deep run into a World Series, but there have been stranger things to happen with how early in the season we are. If the Yankees can add crucial platoon pieces and bullpen marks, life will be good in the Bronx for time to come. 

Tampa Bay once again comes into the AL East race ten games above .500 and playing some solid fundamental baseball to combat the big offenses they must deal with on the daily basis. Their consistency to detail and approach has closed the gap after a shaky start early in the season. Pitching and hitting are on decent levels but the Rays never have superstars on either end of the field which can be a problem when facing big-time teams like the Yankees or Dodgers. This roster is built to contend over a 182-game season but come playoff time the Yankees will firmly believe they can take out the Rays roster among others.

Prediction - Yankees Money line in a tight game and tight series.

Game 2 - San Francisco Giants @ Atlanta Braves - Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

The SF Giants have supreme confidence in their abilities after sweeping the Los Angeles Dodgers just this past week. Although their season hasn’t been entirely convincing so far they are looking to pick up steam at the right points. Offensively, the Giants can explode at the most clutch of times and this year will look to be the same. Pitching has been an issue this year and their ERA on average has been significantly lower than most previous years.

The Atlanta Braves are on a huge win streak and are in the best form of their season so far. Ronald Acuna Jr. once again looks like a prime MVP Candidate and their pitching has picked up the slack after a horrible start to the season. The reigning and defending Champions, the Braves have all the talent in the world to make things work. However, only time will tell if they can continue their dominance into the postseason.

Prediction - Atlanta Braves Money line

奥克兰运动家队 - 华盛顿国民
获胜 (incl. extra innings)
开始时间: 21分钟后
洛杉矶道奇队 - 圣地牙哥教士队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


波士顿红袜队 - 克利夫兰卫士
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


巴尔的摩金莺队 - 明尼苏达双城队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


底特律老虎队 - 德克萨斯游骑兵队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


费城费城人队 - 科罗拉多洛矶
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


迈阿密马林鱼 - 旧金山巨人队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


坦帕灣光芒隊 - 洛杉矶天使队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


多伦多蓝鸟队 - 纽约扬基队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)


纽约大都会队 - 匹茨堡海盗队
获胜 (incl. extra innings)