NBA 2023 Playoffs Preview: Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

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The NBA is seeing a historical game seven take place in Boston this Monday, and we have two of the most battle-tested teams in the league to duke it out for a NBA Finals Championship spot.

Although the Denver Nuggets are looking on with a wry smile on their faces, the Eastern Conference is still yet to be settled between the number two and eight seeds.

A series that many predicted would be over in a max of six games, won by the Celtics, is now in game seven after a three to zero games lead by the Miami Heat.

Things are no longer looking like a lock for the Heat, and they are likely to be the first ever team in NBA history to lose in the playoffs after leading the series by three games to none.

Wrong ends in all aspects, the Miami Heat will look to be huge spoilers in a potential Cinderella story that the Celtics are currently writing with all their hearts.

Let’s analyze the last matchup of the ECF on ’s sportsbook!

Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics - Game 7 - 3-3

Will Boston Make True History?

The Boston Celtics are all love right now, and after a miracle shot by Derrick White in game six that extended this series one more game, they are likely looking to be the more mentally healthy team able to close this series out.

There have been multiple points throughout this series that the Celtics have looked insanely shaky in.

However, the lifelines being thrown to them have been massive and they have taken their opportunity by the hands.

No one is doubting that this Celtics team gets it done on their own home court in Boston this week, and there is a huge opportunity for the C’s to make a lasting imprint on NBA history.

Tatum and Brown must work together in cohesion to help the team out this time around, and the role players must do their part to make sure this game doesn’t get swung back and forth like the last one.

They will be looking to end the Heat early and prepare for the Nuggets on Thursday.

Miami’s Mental and Physical Health

Jimmy Butler and Erik Spoelstra came out with guarantees to the fans that they would end this series a few games ago but are once again asking for faith in game seven.

A horrible choke so far that has lead this team back into dangerous straits, the Heat are looking for any answers to their shocking performances in the past three games.

Especially during the clutch moments of game six, there was no one to be found willing to make the play besides Jimmy Butler.

Duncan Robinson missed a few clean opportunities, and they proved to be more than detrimental in the end.

Prediction: Celtics -5.5 spread in the match.