Tennis Tips & Predictions: ATP Rome

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The ATP Rome Masters are underway, and we have some of the best players in the world putting their heads down and letting their play do the talking.

One of the biggest competitions of the year leading into the French Open, there will be a ton of drama and momentum gained by making results happen in the historic, eternal city.

Played on the red clay of European swing, there is going to be hard-fought rallies and huge points which will likely wear down players in every match they play.

Getting matches done in two sets will be hugely important to those who want to go far, as conserving energy especially in these conditions is huge.

There are so many matches to play over the next two weeks, and only one can be victorious.

Immense creation of chances off return will be a pivotal strategy for all the players competing, and there is a whole plethora of opportunities to take advantage of.

Let’s get into some of the best players to watch out for this week on’s sportsbook!

Players to Watch For

Novak Djokovic - Masters Return

The Serbian GOAT is returning for another Master’s tournament, there is going to be a huge presence cheering him on, and he will look to remain steadfast in his abilities this week.

Novak hasn’t been all too consistent over the past few weeks, but there is finally a week where he can settle down and make some good form for himself.

Novak hasn’t seen many opportunities to assert himself with losses to the likes of Dusan Lajovic over the past few weeks, but he has performed historically well in these conditions.

Djokovic thrives on the return in this tournament, and usually there are a ton of chances for him to break serves and race to a match win.

However, his health and court-rust will be a definite factor and we will be monitoring his performance over the next few weeks in order to truly find out.

Carlos Alcaraz - Finally Healthy

Carlitos Alcaraz is back after winning the Mutua Madrid Master’s just a week ago.

The young teen has made strides in his game to get down to the nitty gritty of tournaments, even when in disadvantageous positions.

Alcaraz has perfected his game on the clay courts, and he will look to once again come out victorious over a stacked group of entrants.

Alcaraz will more than likely be tired after a insane week in Madrid, but he remains the favourite of this tournament over many.

He will be on his toes in order to make things happen in Rome.

Jannik Sinner - Hometown Hero

Italian home grounds will be a welcome sight for Jannik Sinner , after having a rough past month on the clay courts.

The hometown hero in Rome will have immense crowd support and will be thriving off it in order to achieve results.

Sinner is a great threat on clay, but these past few weeks have emphasized his inability to finish matches.

Going to three sets has been normal for him, and he will look to regain his energy in Rome.