UEFA Champions League 2022 Group Stage: Matchday 2 Preview

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The Champions League is set and off to a running start after week one and there is so much left to play of the European season!

Many teams are going to need another week of work against some of the top clubs in the world and no one can blame them.

This Champions League season is filled with teams who are looking to make their first splash on the international stage and finally reveal to the world how different styles of football may be played.

Week 1 saw a bunch of different teams shine on the biggest stage while some of the giants got off to a slow start.

The parity within the Champions League group stage is always something that intrigues fans of the game and makes betting even more entertaining!

Week 2 will be crucial as a break will be taking place after the matches commence so teams will be trying their hardest heading into an international break before the World Cup!

Managers will need the sharpest mindset from their players and for good reason.

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Real Madrid CF (Spain) vs RB Leipzig (Germany) - September 14th, 2022 - Group F

The Spanish Kings of Europe, Real Madrid, have had a very fulfilling 2022.

Madristas all over the world sit in the spoils of a La Liga title and Champions League within the same season, something that not many teams can even dream of accomplishing.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men are well-disciplined and believe in the game plan each time they head out to face an opponent.

Star striker Karim Benzema has been a huge turning factor in the way Madrid play, and his comeback goals against Manchester City in the Champions League were crucial to their advancement just a few months ago.

This Madrid team has been known to give up a few goals, however, that does not stop them from going forward to dominate the team on the opposite side of them.

Life will be good for Real Madrid and this game should be the same.

RB Leipzig are relieved that Christopher Nkunku has decided to stay but still have a tough task ahead of them in the Bundesliga and European Champions League.

Their roster is composed of many decent players, but a few stars is not going to suffice to anything huge in a competition with this caliber.

Leipzig have a great opportunity here to start well, although, and depending on the outcome of this group stage can adjust for the near future.

The team from Germany will be clear underdogs in this scenario and will want to show the world and Madrid up.

Betting Prediction - RB Leipzig +1.5 goals in a tough away match in Group F.

Bayern München FC (Germany) vs Barcelona FC (Spain) - September 13th, 2022 - Group C

A match between two giants of the football world, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona are clashing in Germany to settle the lead of Group C.

Their first meeting for the Champions’ League group season, this game will set the tone for matches to come not only within the groups but also domestically.

The winner of this match will take a lot of confidence into any further games played throughout the period surrounding.

Bayern are looking a bit shaky at the moment and the goals are not flowing as freely as they would like, while Barcelona is starting to find their form and look like a well-oiled machine.

Betting Prediction - Barcelona ML in a tough match at the German home, there could be some awesome scenes here!