NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 18

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The NHL is returning after a great all-star weekend which displayed some of the world’s best athletes, competing in an exhibition.

Friendly when they’re not playing on their teams, the best stars in hockey put on a show for the rest of the fans to see.

What has been a really hard-fought season is now heading into the most important time of the year, the second half of the season.

Making adjustments and trades were key for many teams before the all-star break, and now will truly test their ability to survive.

Wins are starting to become scarcer, as more teams with the focus heading into the game are snatching victories.

Running the pace of the ice and scoring goals is needed in order to do well in this version of the NHL, and if you are not able to capitalize, you will be regretting your games greatly.

Some of the best teams in the league this season have the perfect combination of scoring and defense.

Goalie play is crucial as well, with saves coming at a premium.

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Colorado Avalanche versus Pittsburgh Penguins - Tuesday, February 7th

Colorado wants to start this second half of the season in a great way.

Making the right plays and trying to defend their crown has to start early on in the regular season, and although they got off to a shaky start, appear to be back on their A-game.

The Avalanche will not wow you with their defensive skills and goalkeeping but are clutch and can score goals in bunches.

Last year’s trademark Avalanche cue involved a flurry of goals whether it’s in the power play or not.

Shout out to such a stout line of attackers, the depth they are able to play with makes it so hard on other teams to react.

They will be in a dog fight this upcoming Tuesday night, when they face the Penguins.

Pittsburgh needs to key back into the swing of things, and that will involve trying to win a tough game against the Avalanche this Tuesday.

A storied hockey franchise with tons of history and playoff pedigree, the Penguins are striving to become a contender once again.

Their defence this year has been the main problem, and their inability to kill power plays stands in their way.

Pittsburgh will tell you themselves that the attack is not the problem, and this second half of the season needs to be a turnaround in their game style.

Betting Prediction - Colorado Avalanche team total over 3.5 and them to win this game on the 1x2 line.

Washington Capitals versus Boston Bruins - Saturday, February 11th

A battle in the Northeast will be entertaining to watch this weekend, as the Capitals take on the Bruins.

Boston has been standing in the number one spot for the past few months, and it does not look like they are going to slip anytime soon.

The Capitals on the other hand are starting to gain momentum but need to string together consistent performances to keep on competing.

Although this game clearly has an underdog, the Capitals will be decent value and have a steady chance at causing havoc in this matchup.

Prediction - Capital +1.5 puck line and the under on total goals in a tight match that could go either way.