MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - May 23-29

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MLB fans are getting a treat with how games have been going so far in the 2022 season, and it does not look to be slowing down any time soon.

There have been so many stand out plays up to this point, and the MVP race for each respective conference is just starting to heat up.

This week looks to be one of great pitching, and the “dead ball” narrative seems to be gaining traction as hitters regress.

There are some definite exceptions to that clause though, and many players are seeing the ball better than ever up to this point in 2022. has all your MLB promos and betting needs covered!


Game 1 - Cleveland Guardians @ Houston Astros - Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

The Cleveland Guardians are finally on the right path after a horrific start to the season which saw many of their fans in despair.

Since the first four weeks, the Guardians have put up one of the best records in baseball, largely due to their recent offense resurgence.

Their batting average and ability to get runs in off bases has been a large part of their success.

Although not above .500 yet, the Guardians are looking with optimism towards the rest of the season.

This series against the Astros will be a good indicator of how good they’ll be this year, and will figure to be a rough scrum between bitter American League rivals.

Astros nation is 10 games above the .500 mark, and they are flying into this season with high expectations from the former WS champions.

Jose Altuve and company are some of the brightest hitters and position players in the game of baseball, and they are proving it night in and night out.

Their ace pitcher Justin Verlander is still delivering some of the best outings of his career, which bodes well for the near future.

If the Astros can stay healthy, there are not many teams in the AL that can compete with them pound for pound.

That remains a big question, though, and we can only see what is happening recently, and right now.

Prediction - Astros Moneyline. The Astros will feel comfortable with the situation and take out the Guardians.

Game 2 - Toronto Blue Jays @ Los Angeles Angels - Friday, May 27th, 2022

Toronto and its high-powered offense is a sight to behold when in full churn mode.

Led by MVP Candidate Vladimir Guerrero Jr. there is no reason to believe the Blue Jays cannot make some noise in the playoffs this year.

It’s always easier said than done, although, and they will need some solid pitching efforts to combine with their star-studded offense.

This series against the revitalized Angels will be a huge test for the Jays and will figure to be a huge barn burner from both sides.

Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani and the Angels are playing some great baseball, and it all comes down to them being injury-free.

The more health, the more wealth the Angels get, and it looks to be turning a corner this season.

One of the more entertaining teams in all of baseball, having two MVP candidates certainly helps!

Prediction - Angels Moneyline. In what should be an offensive battle between two juggernauts