NHL Regular Season Weekly Preview: Week 13

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Making sure the little things are on point has made for an entertaining first twelve weeks of the NHL.

Some of the world’s best hockey players have truly taken control of their teams and are dominating opponents at will.

On the opposite side of things, there are still desperation heaves being thrown by those at the bottom of the Western and Eastern conference standings.

The National Hockey League can be brutal at times, making even the healthiest of rosters decimated.

Consistency and minimizing mistakes go a long way in making a run towards the Stanley Cup or playoffs, making each minute played even more impactful.

Fans of the league know that this season is just getting started and now is the time for the true contenders to show out.

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Dallas Stars versus Anaheim Ducks - January 4th, 2022

The Dallas Stars are currently rolling into the second half of the season with high expectations.

Sitting at the top of their division, the Stars have no glaring weaknesses and have proved their worth when scoring goals in bunches.

Life is flowing well at the moment, and they are starting to get healthy at the right time.

The Stars are talented as they come, but last year their mentality was nowhere near good enough.

This year seems like a change has taken place, and there could be some serious fireworks going through Texas.

They will be hosting the weak Anaheim Ducks who need to get their season back on track.

The Stars will look to this game as a confidence builder and one they should be winning, nine times out of ten.

Anaheim is looking to take anything they can possibly get from the Stars this upcoming Wednesday.

After starting the season off with multiple entertaining affairs, the Ducks have fallen off tremendously.

Anaheim has no reason to back their fan support at the moment, which is a huge problem going forward for the rest of the season.

If there is anything to take from their play, it is the amount of effort they are putting in.

Clearly levels need to be raised, and if not, there will be some serious bloodshed in this game.

Betting Prediction - Dallas Stars 1x2 and them to win the -1.5-puck line in regulation as well.

New York Rangers versus New Jersey Devils - January 7th, 2022

NYR is now several months far-fetched from their epic ECF run in the last season.

The Rangers are a team with a solid defence and top-tier goalkeeper, but their inability to close out games has haunted them this season.

With six losses in overtime, NYR has felt hard done by their record up to this point.

Young, but playoff hopefuls, the Rangers need to figure out a way to make things stick offensively.

They will be clashing with their cross-town rivals in the New Jersey Devils this Saturday.

A match that should have epic motivations for both sides, it will prove to be a huge momentum booster for upcoming games.

Prediction - NYJ on the money line as well as the total under on goals.