How to Play Diamonds on Stake

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How to Play Diamonds on Stake Casino

Diamonds is an exclusive game to Stake Casino with fast-paced, exciting action and a max win of 50x. Diamonds is part of our sparkling Stake Originals series, ideal for beginner players looking for something straightforward yet potentially lucrative.

This guide explores the Diamonds gameplay and the potential payouts up for grabs at Stake Casino .

What are the Basics of Diamonds?

Diamonds is a game of chance that’s easy to understand and offers rewarding fun. It’s part of the popular Stake Originals catalogue of original games that includes such titles as Mines and Plinko .

If you are new to playing online casino games, you’ll discover a wealth of information to help you get started on the Stake Blog . Look for our informative game guides for tips on how to get the most out of your online gambling experience at .

The Diamonds game rules share similarities with poker but on a much more basic level, as there is no dealer, and you essentially have to make “hands” of matching diamonds to enjoy various payouts.

How to Play Diamonds

When you launch the game, your view is split into two sections: the game board and your betting station. The game board is where you find the positions where the 5 diamonds will land, with a summary of payouts, profit potential and probability clearly displayed directly above.

You can toggle between manual and auto-betting options within the betting station, depending on your preferred playing style. In manual mode, you enter a wager amount and then hit the bet button to release your round of diamonds.

You will see 5 glittering diamonds appear, which is the “hand” for the round. If you have any matching coloured diamonds, check the pay table above to discover your winnings. Payouts for Diamonds range from 0x (having 0 matching diamonds) to 50x (having 5 matching diamonds).

Switching to auto mode lets you preset a fixed number of bets of a specific value, so you don’t need to keep hitting the bet button for each round. You can also choose from a selection of options, such as stop on profit or stop on loss, amongst other things, to refine your auto betting.

Diamonds Game Mechanics

In the Stake Diamonds game, there are 7 possible combinations of diamonds and 5 different positions a diamond can appear on in each round. The mechanics of the game use RNG technology to create random round outcomes.

As with all Stake Originals games, Diamonds is a game of chance. The random number generator algorithm ensures that every outcome is completely random and fair for each player. This is a provably fair system that you can test yourself via third-party sites.

What are the Advanced Features of Diamonds?

The simplicity of the Diamonds game means there are limits to how far you can go with the advanced features. If you’re familiar with playing Stake Originals titles, you will have encountered similar features before.

1. Auto Mode

As mentioned earlier, auto mode lets you pre-set your bets for your Diamonds gaming experience. The simplest way to use this function is to select a wager amount and a fixed number of bets, then just sit back and watch as the games play out.

You can also refine your auto bets by stopping after a specific profit or loss or increasing or decreasing your bet on a specified win or loss.

2. Instant Bet

The instant bet feature allows you to speed up your gameplay, offering a stripped-back version of Diamonds that cuts out the visual animations to deliver instant outcomes at the click of a button.

3. Hotkeys

Another familiar feature for players who are already fans of our Stake Originals games is hotkeys, which are only available when you’re playing on the game's desktop version. If you set this feature on, you can use your computer keyboard to perform certain functions, so you don’t have to keep using the mouse.

Payout Odds

Understanding your payout odds in the Diamonds online casino game is easy, as the developer conveniently includes a paytable at the top of the game frame.

At all times, you can see not just what you can expect from each possible round outcome but also the percentage chance you have of hitting a hand and your profit if you do.

A full list of payouts for the various outcomes is below:

Hand Payout Multiplier
Zero Match 0.00x
Pair 0.10x
2 Pair 2.00x
3 of a Kind 3.00x
3 of a Kind & Pair 4.00x
4 of a Kind 5.00x
5 of a Kind 50.00x

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