NBA Weekly Preview: Week 23

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Week 23 of the NBA Season is going to be kicking off this Monday, and there is plenty of action to go around.

The regular season is coming into its final few weeks and there are limited playoff spots to be given.

The play-in tournament is going to be star-studded once again, and teams will be doing everything they can to get greedy and avoid the winner in all scenarios.

Without any shadow of a doubt, these last few games will mean something heavily, especially in the Western Conference.

A place where the seeds from fifth through ninth are currently separated by just one game.

Things will get tight, and the victors will find solace in their upgraded standing.

There will be a few surprise teams who will not be able to make it, and knocking on wood, there will be some of the legends of the game who are able to clutch up and find a way.

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Match Betting Previews

Milwaukee Bucks versus Phoenix Suns - Tuesday, March 14th

The Milwaukee Bucks might be dubbed the best team in the NBA at the moment, and the way they are playing is highly infectious amongst themselves.

Leading the league in most metrics, they have been able to operate at a high level even through some games without their MVP, Giannis Antetounkoumpo.

The rest of the league is on red alert when it comes to the ability of the 2021 World Champs, and they look more than destined to try to get another chip under their belt this year.

Making the right plays and really reflecting an unselfish form of basketball, the Bucks are going to test their skills against their rivals in the 2021 finals, the Phoenix Suns.

Phoenix is more than ready for all the smoke coming their way, even after a practice injury to their newly acquired, Kevin Durant.

The 7-foot jump shooter was hit with an ankle injury during warm-ups, and thus they will be without him for the near future.

Phoenix does not care about these shortcomings, though.

The Suns are going to be primed and ready for a rematch of the 2021 NBA Finals when Milwaukee comes to town, and they will have enough firepower to try and weather the storm.

With Chris Paul and Devin Booker still leading the charge, there are definite opportunities to win this game and they will feel the same way.

Prediction - Phoenix Suns spread and the over on total points in a heater matchup.

Dallas Mavericks versus Los Angeles Lakers - Friday, March 17th

Two teams who are vying for a top eight seeding will be clashing in a primetime matchup this weekend.

The Dallas Mavericks travel to LA to face the Los Angeles Lakers who look renewed and rejuvenated.

Dallas on the other hand is facing difficulty with adapting to their new roster, something that both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving will have to admit.

In their stint together, both these teams have gone opposite ways after the trade deadline.

The Lakers’ home court advantage will play a pivotal role in this one, even without their star LeBron James.

Prediction - LA Lakers to pull out a win on the moneyline.