How to Win Big on our Forum Challenges

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Did you know that Stake gives away over $5000 every single week on our Stake Community Forum , and all you need to do is simply play some of our top slot games , or place some bets over on our Sportsbook !

These giveaways aren’t rewarded to the biggest bets, or even bets with the biggest returns. They give every single player on a chance to win big – all you have to do is enter!

This is where our forum comes into play.

What Are The Stake Forum Challenges?

Stake’s influence in the online casino and sports community is profound, and is something we are quite well known for. Whether it’s from our Stake Chat , our award winning customer support team , or through our forum, our obsession with involving players big or small is something we take real pride in.

Our forum sees thousands of players online per day. They chat, debate and participate in many different ways. But earning our extra rewards and giveaways is something you don’t want to miss.

We run three Casino Forum Challenges per week, with special giveaways during major milestones running alongside them.

  • Casino challenge ($1,000 prize pool)

  • Sports challenge ($1,000 prize pool)

  • VIP challenge ($3,000 prize pool, available to VIP accounts only)

Each challenge has certain requirements and minimum bet limits, meaning you need to hit the special conditions in order to be eligible. Whether it is a specific multiplier, a specific game or a winning multi-bet with a certain number of legs, our challenges are encouraging you to bet differently and hopefully winning big!

You can learn more about our exclusive VIP Club. Being a VIP is an awesome way to earn member-only rewards including entering the VIP Challenge. Find out more about perks like VIP hosts , rakeback and reload bonuses on our VIP Club FAQs .

How Do I Enter the Challenge?

The most important part of participating in our slot forum challenges is your Bet ID. On the forum, use the link bet function in the text editor to link your bet directly from Stake. More details of your bet can be found under the ‘My Bets’ tab, where you will be able to see if any of your bets indeed met the requirements of the challenge!

You then need to post these in the thread on the forum, as long as you have met all requirements.

Requirements and conditions may include:

  • Bet amount

  • 1 submission per player

  • Post count on the forum

  • Multipliers

  • Winnings

  • Patterns within games

  • The list could go on!

From here, you will immediately go into the running to win a share in a big prize pool, which will increase the more players that enter the challenge!

All in all, it’s quite simple. We urge you to get involved in the fun now, adding an extra dimension to your play on Stake, as well as an added chance to earn those extra funds.

What Are The Different Casino Bonuses & Promotions at

We have a variety of different options for scoring sweet rewards by playing online games or placing bets on your favourite sports.

Casino Promotions

The Forum Challenges are one way to win, but you can also get involved in our Casino Promotions and Sports Promotions via our website's promotions page. Here you'll find regular and reoccurring challenges and promotions, including Daily Races , weekly raffles, and Drops and Wins to keep your bankroll full. Check out our blog on the best casino competitions for a full run down of each promotion.

Stake Races on Telegram

Another option is our slot game Stake Races running over on Telegram. Here, you'll enter casino game challenges and race to hit a target multiplier for mega prizes and wins. Stay up to date with the hottest slot games of the week and race to win!

No matter how you play, always remember to Gamble Responsibly . Utilise our Stake Smart Guidelines and monthly budget calculator to stay in control!