MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - April 11-18

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The MLB season is just starting to get under way, and many fans are looking to get a closer look on the possible potential of each of their respective teams.

Week one is in the books, and one series may not mean a whole lot to many of the teams.

However, there is a confidence boost that comes with starting off on a good note, and a second-guessing that comes with getting off on the wrong foot.

Week two should be a better indicator of what teams are in store for the rest of the season, and the games are only going to become more competitive.


Game 1 - New York Mets @ Philadelphia Phillies (Scherzer versus Nola)

In a matchup of two of the NL East’s best teams, the New York Mets visit the Phillies in what is going to be a crazy battle between two ace pitchers, and two of the best in the world.

Max Scherzer decided to make the shock move, leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers, and taking his talents to New York and the Mets.

The former Cy Young winner is still in shape to hurl some of the best pitches the game has ever seen, but this time will be paired with Jacob De Grom in what should be one of the best rotations in baseball.

The Philadelphia Phillies will be looking to start 2022 off on a more momentous note, and make sure their team is ready for the possible chance to make the playoffs.

A city that has embraced baseball for decades, the fans are used to success in short periods of time, although that has not happened recently whatsoever.

Bryce Harper is the all-star man that will be looking to carry the team on his back in the hitting department this year, but their ace pitcher Aaaron Nola will be holding up the pitching side of things.

Prediction: NYM ML, in what should be a tight divisional game.

Game 2 - Tampa Bay Rays @ Chicago White Sox

The Tampa Bay Rays were referenced in our MLB season preview article, and they are still going to be one of the more consistently dangerous teams in baseball this season.

You cannot go wrong with massive on base percentages, and plate discipline, which is exactly what this Rays team has grown to do so well.

Back that hitting up with a solid bullpen and pitching staff, and you get one of the most well-rounded teams in the MLB.

White Sox fans have been utterly excited about the talent that has come through to their team in the past couple of years.

But the trading of Fernando Tatis while he was in the farm system may forever haunt them.

They still have one of the best rosters in the league, though, and will be looking to prove themselves against a top Rays team in the AL in this series.

Prediction - TB Rays ML, the consistency and awareness will carry them to victory here.