MLB 2022 Weekly Preview - June 6 - 12

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Major League Baseball is now past the fifty games mark, and every team is starting to feel out how their team is doing, and what the potential outlook is towards the rest of the season.

There are many camps with maximum optimism, and also some with the worst feelings of despair at the moment.

There are still over 100+ games, which means the time to turn it around is still within reach, but there has to be some changes made whether it be through rosters, or coaching throughout the next few weeks.

The best divisions in the league stand through the NL West, and AL East, while the NL East can also have a word with the big dogs. will be covering your bets all season long, so head over to and get your MLB bets now!


New York Yankees @ Minnesota Twins - Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

New York is firing on all cylinders at the moment, and like their team down the subway station (the Mets), their hitting has done most of the work.

Offense is becoming a very key part of baseball this season, and you cannot rely on bullpens and pitchers to completely get you out of each game.

Aaron Judge is looking like the real deal, and the MVP Candidate is looking to extend his stellar season by launching more balls into the stands, while also being such a popular Social figure in the MLB.

Combine Judge’s power with the talents of his teammates, and you have a roster that can win a Championship.

Only time will tell if the Yankees can stay true to their ability, but this series against the Twins will be a good test of their mentality.

Minnesota feels underrated at this point in the season, largely in part to their underground winning streaks that have taken place at multiple points already throughout this season.

Albeit, demolishing AL Central teams isn’t the strongest of schedules, but it shows they are able to get their job done within the framework that is given to them.

Byron Buxton and company are a deep team, with multiple position players and pitching prospects that has carried them to a top eight record in the MLB thus far.

The Yankees will be knocking, and Target Field will certainly be up for the game.

Prediction - New York Yankees Moneyline, in what should be a tightly contested matchup.

Arizona Diamondbacks versus Cincinnati Reds - Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Arizona has found its way back in what looked to be like a hopeless season, in 2022.

The Diamondbacks are starting to pick up their bats and pitching, which has resulted in a surprise resurgence in the NL West.

Although not as good as their counterparts in the Giants, Padres, and Dodgers, the Diamondbacks are a great fight for anyone in the division.

Fans hope their consistency can continue throughout the rest of the season, and that will mean having the bats and pitchers do their thing for an extended period of time.

Arizona sports life has not been great the past few months, but the D-backs hope to be a solid solution to the pain the fan base is currently feeling.

Cincinnati remains one of the worst teams in the Major leagues and this game will be a good chance to get their confidence up.

Relying on some old hitters and upcoming pitchers has not been a formula for success this season, but a series against the D-Backs could be pivotal for future confidence.

Prediction - DBacks win in style against the struggling Reds.